Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tips to Strip By: How To Be the Sexiest Pornstar in Second Life

I’ve been an adult machinima film actress (translation: Second Life porn actress) for not very long, but trust me when I say that so far, it has been an absolute thrill ride.  It has given me the wonderful opportunity to experience the sensuous and pleasurable thrill of being a sexual thespian (translation: pornstar), garnering fame and attention from friends and fans alike.

At this point, as I reflect on all the experiences and lessons that I learned both on film and off, I have realized that there is more required to be in SL porn than just liking sex and having a sexy and appealing skin and shape.  Many of the tips on how to be an SL porn star have already been elucidated via various blog sites; I myself have read them and used them as guidelines as I started my porn “career” (and a few of my own tips are influenced by said blogs).

With that said, the purpose of this article is to give my own personal advice and tips to the individuals who a) clearly enjoy virtual sex/porn and desire to be in the limelight and b) who have taken the initial steps to make their appearance “porn-appropriate”, with the best skin, shape, and accoutrements. Being a porn actor/actress is not easy; I can easily imagine so many people who have struggled with pursuing this passion, because it was honestly difficult for me as well.  It is my hope that I can provide some insight and tease this interested audience with some helpful ideas on how to achieve your goal of succeeding in Second Life porn, and feel confident and sexy doing it.

Tip #1:  Looking like a pornstar is only half of the solution.

If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that you’ve taken the necessary steps to make yourself look like the next Adonis or Aphrodite to be captured in machinima form.  Like most of the current blogs say, that goes a long way.  You’re taking the risk of allowing a director to portray you on film, for millions...wait no…thousands…um, actually more like hundreds of viewers (though some popular films can reach in the thousands) to observe and admire.  So appearances do count.  The successful SL porn actor/actress knows that there’s no such thing as a free lunch – if you want to be noticed, make your appearance something worth noticing.  Use current SL or RL pornstars as reference to create your own unique, individual look.  Put pride in your appearance.  With the right skin, modifiable shape, hair, and a few sexy accessories, you are halfway there to being the newest thing to come out of Second Life porn.

(Note: I am aware that sometimes Lindens aren’t easy to come by, so as mentioned in previous blogs concerning this matter, there are often opportunities to obtain free clothes and accessories through various “hunts” hosted by many Second Life designers.)

Notice I said “halfway.”  Looking like a pornstar is indeed a necessity, but the farthest you may get will be an uncredited/credited extra if all you know how to do is to look pretty.  Contrary to popular belief, being in this “business” is not just about “being in the right place, at the right time.”  It takes patience and a little persistence to present yourself not only in appearance, but in a positive mindset, so that directors can take notice.  The rest of the tips in this article will expound on this idea further.

Tip #2: “A little bit goes a long, long way.”

If you’re an upcoming porn star and are expecting directors and producers to just automatically cast you in their latest film, you’re going to be waiting quite a while.  Everyone (and by everyone I mean the 400 to 500 actors/actresses and aficionados currently occupying this “industry”) wants to be a pornstar, because it’s fun to be one.  It’s fun to enjoy the fame and all the attention.  But people generally don’t like imitators so you have to put in the effort to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.  Here are a few suggestions that I feel will further help with the “evolution” of your pornstar potential:

Do your research.

Being in SL porn means being fully vested in what you do.  No one takes a porn actor/actress seriously if they themselves don’t take the subject matter seriously. Spend time immersing yourself and understanding more about how the film and casting process works.  The best way to do that is to “do your research”, aka get to know more about the films and people you’d like to work for.

A good way to start is by joining the major SL porn groups.  Currently the most prominent group is The Pornstars group, founded by Emanuelle Jameson, with over 400 members, actors, and directors; other popular groups include Miss Balogh’s porn star group.  In these groups, directors often post castings and auditions for their films, or announce the release of their latest film.  Most films are released via either the Naughty Machinima website, hosted and maintained by Muze ( or The Naughty Bitch (, maintained by SL porn director and entrepreneur Cybercat Bekkers.  The groups are also free and suitable advertising for any pornstar parties in-world, so that you have the opportunity to attend and (hopefully) mingle with different directors, producers, and actors/actresses.

So what do I mean exactly by “doing the research?” Well before you become a pornstar, you need to know your directors, especially their style and interest in filmmaking, and then finally determine whether or not you could work in their particular filmmaking genre.  The two websites I mentioned have wonderful examples of their work, so take the time to watch these movies.  Read about the plotlines of their films, observe their filming angles.  Is that how you’d like to be portrayed?  Keep in mind that your performance and portrayal on a film is an extension of the director’s vision.  I’m not saying you have to really look at everything about a film, but have a general idea of which directors (and their filmmaking styles) you think could be the right fit for you.

Make the connections.

Ok, so now that you’ve decided on the directors, now comes the act of contacting them.  Directors get very busy, but most are often on the lookout for new talent.  Be proactive and write a polite, respectful notecard or IM to your desired director, sincerely explaining that you admire their work and are very interested in working with them.  Directors are not only looking for actors/actresses who look amazing but who also possesses a pleasant, confident personality and who is eager to be a part of their work as a filmmaker.   As stated before, SL porn groups such as The Pornstars will have castings, so be alert and aware if a director is casting new faces for his/her new movie, and prepare ahead, making an informed and educated guess of what they might be looking for.  A few of them may ask to meet with you for an interview or audition.  Furthermore, any pornstar parties hosted in-world are excellent chances to have fun and make potential connections with directors and other established pornstars for film opportunities.

Take the initiative - be creative and proactive.

This suggestion may be more suited for people who have already done a few films and now have some inkling of future films they would like to work on.  But I think this attitude is overall key for every pornstar, regardless of status, to be successful.  Directors do come up with great ideas, but if you have already watched their work, you can propose your own unique approaches to a story.  Quite a few directors will welcome people with that sort of creativity.

I remember one of my first interviews with a talented and (then) upcoming director.  He was interested in me for a film but he also respected that I was passionate about telling a good story with films and that I wanted to work with him to help achieve that.  I believed in his ability as a storyteller, and he believed in me to bring that story to life.  We eventually planned out the entire storyline for our first film, and planned out the setting/location, costumes, and props; when it was released, it ended up being one of the most popular movies for this director.

Now it is true that some directors prefer their actors/actresses to take a “hands-off” approach, and indeed it is their choice to decide to use your idea or not.  Don’t feel personally offended if they decide not to though.  They do have the experience making films, where as you are just starting out.  But I would still venture to guess that directors generally do appreciate people who want to make an effort to make their film THAT much better.

Consider making your own opportunities happen.

 Just because you haven’t been receiving enough acting roles does not mean all your opportunities are completely closed off to you forever.  Quite a few new porn stars and starlets are getting noticeable attention because of other things BESIDES acting in SL porn machinima films.  Blogging is a prime example of this approach.  I’ve seen already a resurgence of porn actor/actress blogs in only the last couple of months. Blogging informs people of your activities and goings-on, both porn and non-porn related, and has the secondary possibility to let directors who read your blog see your potential as a credible actor/actress.

Besides blogging, sometimes if you want to make a movie, the old adage, “Do it yourself,” applies very appropriately.  A birth of new, talented directors has occurred in only the last 3 or 4 months.  Why are so many new people directing?  The main reasons are that a) with advancements in movie making software it has become surprisingly easy and b) they get to make the movies THEY want to make.  Seasoned and talented SL filmmaker Scooby Mode put up a very easy-to-follow video guide to filmmaking, mentioning and using most of the current video editing software used for machinima (

Tip #3: Keep your friends close: quality over quantity.

The world of Second Life porn isn’t as cutthroat as other businesses or careers, but still, it’s good to establish a few close friendships with people in this business.  Like any virtual career track, there are pitfalls and traps associated with so-called first-time “directors” obtaining free sex on the false impression of “auditioning” for a film role or movie opportunity.  I have experienced quite a few of these “audition offers” myself (and even fell into one of these traps early on), but because I learned my lesson, and had very supportive friends, this sort of mishap never happened to me again.  And I’m sorry to reveal that even some true, seasoned directors can potentially set up this trap (though I won’t name names).

With that said, establishing a close cadre of good friends will give you the confidence and support to make it in this business.  And I want to emphasize what I mean by “quality over quantity.”  Granted, it would be a privilege and joy to be friends with as many people as you can, just like it would be wonderful to be the bright and shining SL pornstar, highly in demand and admired by every director, actor/actress, and fan.  But in my opinion, there’s the danger of spreading yourself too thin.  Instead, I feel that you achieve a similar amount of fame and respect if you establish solid and respectful relationships and understandings with a few close people.  If some happen to be directors, then those directors will allow you to have the more interesting roles, and/or listen to your ideas/suggestions.  If they are actors/actresses, they will be interested to work together with you in a film, and maybe give you some advice or a good reference for another director.  And if they are fans, that they will without a doubt be your #1 fan and supporter.

I sincerely hope that I have given an informative and educational account of what it takes to succeed as a Second Life pornstar.  It’s definitely not an easy task, but I feel that the tips I have shared in this article will give you all greater opportunities to work with the best directors and allow you to star in the movie of your choice.  Once again, I will agree that being a pornstar in Second Life is a lot of fun; however, I do believe the fun and excitement comes from being confident, doing a good job and making the effort.  I have faith in each and every one of you to succeed – you all qualify as “the sexiest SL pornstar” in my book.

Good luck in your filmmaking and film-starring endeavors!

Emee xoxo


  1. Excellent article, Emee.

    That's pretty much how I'm going about things and I'm starting to get some work. I learned a few things from this that'll help get some more I hope.

  2. That's great news Virt, glad to hear it, i found myself part of this scene accidently, when i directed a video and appeared in it. I had no idea there was an active scene or community. But now 5 movies in, and a director Emee's tips are exactly what i'm looking to see from those who approach me. Having a blast too now i'm here! :)

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