Monday, November 22, 2010

Robinson's Fridays Directed by Saffo Alvarez

It was just a matter of time before we saw an SL porn-take on this classic story. Robinson in this version finds himself out on a little boat ride only to run out of gas just as he discovers an island full of naked horny girls. While this may be a convenient plot device, this movie is all about the sex, and there is lots of it packed into the 12+ hot minutes. 8 girls in all, each named for a different day of the week (so he knows who needs to be serviced) and today being Friday, he is left to tackle Friday 1 and 2 (naturally...) and the other 6 retire to the hut for some hot lesbian sex. Apparently all those cockless months havent dampened the lust for each other as we get a great show of the TNT orgy engine in action. The movie cuts back and forth between Robinson getting his brains fucked out by the Fridays and the 6 hotties (enhanced even more by the sex sounds, some hot moans and slurps in there). The large cast features Kathrein's Heinhouse and Kareen Jagernov and SuicideGirl Evermore, along with some sexy newcummers (Roxy Davidov, Meg Wisent, Desiree Sirenz, Celtic Edenflower, Jennie Firenze and Barbie Frostbite, along with Jack and Diane). Some grammatical errors (yeah, I know I am picky...) and a slightly silly plot, but overall a fairly hot movie that's well shot in some nice locations. Oh, and directors... please no more movies using the baywatch theme music. That's all the 'Hoff this girl can take.

Ivori Faith

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