Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowbound Directed by PrinceJD Galicia

As I mentioned in my review of his last film, JD is one of the directors to keep an eye on as each film shows such improvement, and this one is no exception.  Beautifully shot, this is one of the most romantic SL films I've seen to date.  His attention to detail in this one is what really makes this film a winner.  From the adorable opening, of himself and the lovely Krystall Pearl playing in the snow then retiring first to the hot tub, then in front of the fireplace, the heat in this film builds at just the right pace.  The music choices are spot on, especially the instrumental version of the Moody Blues classic 'Knights In White Satin'.  The tempo of the music matches the progression of their tryst, and we are treated to two of the hottest bods in SL making love in some very delicious positions.  No story, no words (none are needed) just some beautiful sex.  Take a bow, JD.   This is one you should be damn proud of.

Ivori Faith

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