Friday, April 19, 2013

Erotique Porn's : Vibrations In Time


***Spoiler Alerts - In Picture Form Below****

How It Got Made.

This movie was very much made in the Erotique way. A little film, and a small fun idea growing into a huge project! This was very much born out of the Sexiest Awards Involvement. Myself and Louise were head judges, helping organise that event really gave us little time to develop our own things. So in the gap between the re scheduled show we grabbed the opportunity to throw ourselves into this movie. It's written by myself and Louise Silverweb. With myself Directing, and myself, Louise, and Arwen Producing, set building, and designing.

The fact that it was made reasonably quickly, and is so complex, i think underlines just how much we loved making it. We all wanted to see it finished so much because it was just so much fun!

Once again we return to a Sci Fi genre, which is a awesome vehicle for wild imaginative story telling. The film once again uses a "Graphic Novel" approach to dialogue, which i believe really helps the story flow, and keeps your eyes in among the on screen action. This film has little grasp on reality though, so please don't start picking holes in it, you'll be there until Christmas, and i assure you the holes are there by design any way!

This is really a very traditional Erotique Movie, it's also our most evolved one. made by us all, our team. I think it's fun, sexy, which really reflects my loves, and friends involved.

What's It About?

Worm Holes! Allow us to travel by accident, from present day London, to Prehistoric times. What unfolds is really a parody of Jurassic Park, Old Sci Fi movies such as 1 Million years BC ( In fact Raquel Welch was a big inspiration for many of the casts outfits! ) and the British Sci Fi Show, Dr Who. I won't tell you what happens, you'll have to watch the film. However i will say i think this is our most "Movie Like" Movie, yet!

Arwen Juneberry and Luke Lancaster.

The Cast.

Myself and Arwen star. As well as that, we were very lucky to cast such great people, and friends. Everybody involved landed on set looking fantastic, and perfect for their roles. From Cave Men and Cave Girls, To Dr Who, and TV News Reporters. Everybody looked amazing! ( Amazeballz! )

Jinx Jiersen. As The Doctor.

We had the pleasure to shoot Sexiest Award winner, for best newcomer, our friend Katina Cazalet. Also fellow Nominee Suff Lockjaw, who is one of the brightest Pornstars around right now. Along with Envy Watts, who is a very well known, and very sexy Flickr Photographer, Model, and Pornstar, giving her her first major role on screen was a real plus for this movie too.

Myself and Arwen are seen in hot action with Louise and Coco Silverweb, Luke Lancaster ( who i starred with in The Widow. ) and Dr Who! Jinx Jiersen!

Serenity Juneberry.
Arwen Juneberry.
Louise Silverweb.
Coco Silverweb.
Katina Cazalet.
Envy Watts.
Jinx Jiersen.
Luke Lancaster.
Suff Lockjaw.
Miss Raven.

I hope you enjoy watching, as much as we enjoyed making it.



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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kat and Envy's : Cave Girl Lust

Cave Girl Lust : Erotique Porn : Directed By Serenity Juneberry.

Editing the Cave Girl sex scene in "Vibrations In Time". I had to leave a few clips out here and there due to running time. Which is something I hate doing.

So i decided to make a short sex montage of Katina Cazalet, and Envy Watts to include all my favorite clips. It was a lovely shoot, and i think it makes a very nice stand alone video. Much better than staying on the cutting room floor! The girls arrived looking amazing, and i hope you enjoy this second look at them on screen.

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Monday, September 17, 2012


Read all about it....

Starring : Serenity and Arwen Juneberry, Louise Silverweb, Coco Silverweb, Kai Baby Barineaux, Katina Cazalet, Mirko Panacek.

This movie is really a return to the type of film we've done before in some ways, and loved very much. Such as Pandora's Box, and The Widow. Not the same in genre, but the same in feelings for us as a studio. If you've followed Erotique Porn Productions you'll know our production team consists of myself, on the filming, editing, and special effects side. Arwen as a producer, developing stories, and developing the movies style and looks, and plots. Louise Silverweb writes, or works with Arwen on the stories, in this case both of them collaborating. Louise is also of course our set and prop builder.

It is heavily inspired by a cinematic feel as the other movies mentioned are also. I always love the whole erotique team working together to produce a final movie, and this is firmly back to that.

Our last movie, Love Juice was a huge film, with a cast of 23! A chance to work with many friends and those we've wanted to film with in our two years in Second Life Adult movies. "Stranger On A Train" is an old fashioned Erotique film in looks and feelings for us as we produced it. Which goes back to basics but still has a cast of friends on board.

The movie incorporates many inspirations from real life movies, as well as things we like in Second Life. As a movie lover, and a producer who tries hard to think outside the box i love Alfred Hitchcock. Techniques such as zooming a camera lens in while rolling a camera back in his movies are just some of the genuis on show by him. Something i already tried to emulate in the finale of the Widow when Arwen produces the dildo cross! I've tried hard to emulate him further in this film. Hitchcock's movies are light years ahead of their time, and just so cool. Once we'd settled on Black and White, my mind leaped to old cinema, and Hitchcock.

The Second Life influence side i think comes firmly in the Burlesque show sequence. I've loved that whole scene in Second Life since it became popular. I think it's as close as you can come to making movies but "live in world" so i always have appreciated and admired the Burlesque shows. The "Shows" the girls put on are built from the ground up to entertain, and turn us on. The Burlesque girls in SL do an amazing job. For me the best of the best is my friend Kai Baby. Once we got the story worked out and we knew we were having this sequence we knew we wanted Kai to come in and choreograph that segment. I intended editing in part of the music track and dance routine, and maybe releasing the full music video as a stand alone project. However i loved it too much to cut! Huge thanks have to go to kai for her role in this movie, so much so she goes beyond actress to have a production credit on the end titles.

Why is it in Black and White? Two reasons. It helps set the atmosphere for the era we wanted it set in. It generates the feelings and mood we wanted, and also i believe it can help a virtual world appear closer to real world views at times with some of the artificial colours and scenes removed from SL imagery. many photo's on Flickr for example you have to look twice at if they are B&W and taken in SL to know they are not "real". I was also hooked on B&W porn movies since seeing Emmanuelle Jameson's movies such as The Beautiful Ones, which back in days prior to the many new viewer effects we have now managed to generate some stunning scenes.

Because past movies we'd worked on such as Pandora's Box, and Pron were Sci Fi movies and had many effects, they stood out as Special effects projects with space ships flying around etc. However this movie and Love Juice have just as many special effects, or in some cases far more than both those movies. using green screen to build scenes, creating walking shots, and making the movie bigger in scope, such as in the train carriage. The special effects in Stranger on a train are not there for the sake of it, or for showing off, i think they blend in and help tell the story and make it what it is.

Other inspirations on this project have been Nikki Arlington, who is a genius in SL film, ( And a lovely person! ). The way she presented Sketched, was truly amazing. The lack of dialogue in Strangers on a train allowed me to use the comic book style speech. Which helps keep the movie flowing, in contrast to Love Juice which was a movie which had a lot of text. If sketched passed us by without inspiring the way a land mark movie should it would have been a shame. If i was interested before in experimenting with SL video, Nikki has sent it up another notch.

I hope this film entertains in the way a regular movie does, with one foot in the porn genre too. I've never waited so long to include a sex scene on any movie before. The sexy Burlesque show in the films intro i think balances the project out, and hopefully it works. I also hope it keeps us on target to keep evolving and building on our projects. Each one opening up new avenues to explore and incorporate into the next.

We're in Second Life to pursue a fantasy, being movie makers, and film stars is one we share. Something i doubt we'll enjoy in RL, so we will always try and be that here if nowhere else!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boobs And Brains

(click to see full size)

Recently Colleen Criss and Debbie Trilling met up for Debbie’s first glamour modelling session!
Colleen needs no further introduction to the adult community!  Her photographs and machinima have deservedly been selected for  THE PORNSTARS blog many times; her own popular blog and flickr page are good examples of how to steadily build up a solid respected body of work.
Colleen created all the photographs on this blog-post. We admire these works for demonstrating her technical understanding of SL photography - advanced lighting techniques, the viewer itself and post-production.
Colleen Criss

Debbie is perhaps not particularly well known within the SL creative adult community but is better known in other of the creative communities of Second Life.
Debbie has had six very productive years in SL. She was the Creative Director for some of the biggest live shows in SL, including artistic interpretations of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ and Fritz Lang’s 1927 ‘Metropolis’, as well as producing over eighty mainstream machinima. For the last three years she has been responsible for creating the climax of the ‘Burning Life’ festival in SL – the burning of ‘The Man’ itself - which occurs on the penultimate evening of the festival.

Debbie Trilling
Debbie was one of the judges at last year’s THE SEXIEST adult machinima contest. It was due to this that she started looking more closely at the adult art scene and appreciating the amount of creativity, talent and passion that the community possesses. She wanted to experience it for herself. Colleen’s photos of Debbie on this page are the outcome that desire.

Colleen and Debbie are recognised as experts in their respective fields. As you can see from their pictures on this blog-post, both are also gorgeous and beautiful. They prove that having brains and boobs and talent are not mutually exclusive!
Debbie Trilling

Both Colleen and Debbie appear in the September 2012 edition of ‘Busted’ – a SL magazine dedicated to busty ladies and prim boobs. Colleen has a full spread with photographs by Kei Frequency which also appeared on THE PORNSTARS blog; Debbie appears in the ‘Around the Community’ section. I for one would love to see her in a full shoot! Unsurprisingly however, there is a long waiting list to appear in the magazine!
Debbie Trilling
The Senior Editor of ‘Busted’, Maggie Bluxome, has gained a reputation for exacting standards and high quality. Her magazine reflects this; it is easily of equal quality to other magazines on the SL circuit. I found the articles interesting and informative, the photographs stunningly attractive. In the September edition we also see photographic sessions from firm favourites Jeanne Sahara and Aliecia Lionheart, as well as Colleen, Kei and Maggie. Recommended.

Pixie Rain xx

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Louise Silverweb, Arwen Juneberry, Serenity Juneberry - Erotique Porn. Bringing you Love Juice!

Love Juice was certainly a labour of love. Many people were filmed for the project. Most against blue screen, which meant a huge amount of post production. Originally the main story was to feature this huge cast quite prominently, people I'd wanted to work with for some time for various reasons, and friends too who have never been part of the Second Life Porn scene before, and we'd kill two birds with one stone.

Cheri Collazo, Hoobs, Colleen Criss, and Jinx Jiersen.
 However, when i began editing the film, i was very unhappy that these "guest spots" were getting reduced to cameo appearances due to keeping the story flowing and trying to keep the running time lower ( yes don't laugh, it was even longer on one cut! ). My solution was to begin work on a second movie a kind of directors cut of the Love Juice sex scenes. featuring the ensemble cast more strongly, and the stars of the first movie taking a back seat and stepping out the spotlight to give everybody else more screen time. You will see much more from the supporting cast, when i feature the companion movie "Love Juice Island".

Love Juice Cast : Starring ( In order Of Appearance. )

Serenity Juneberry, Kai Baby Barineaux, Luke Lancaster, EmeeLee Rage, Arwen Juneberry, Emmanuelle Jameson, Krystall Pearl

Alisha Cedarbridge, Sid Style, Luther Blackburn, and Kyaya.

What can i say about the cast!? It is stellar! A dream team! Long time stars like Krystall Pearl, Emmanuelle Jameson, and EmeeLee Rage, joined by newer high profile stars such as Kai baby, Hoobs, Sid Style, Grim, Alisha, Keeley, Talyha, Cheri, and Kyaya, Evalyn and. The last two Sexiest award winning actors too! Jinx Jiersen and Luke Lancaster. Plus special friends like Marla from our Twice Bitten movie, and Louise and Coco Silverweb too which was very special to me. Myself and Arwen ( Sexiest Actress 2011 )  too of

Love Juice Supporting Cast. Louise Silverweb, Coco Silverweb, AmyKitten Parx, Colleen Criss

, Jinx Jiersen x 2, Luther Blackburn, Hoob Diddy, Sid Style, Cheri Collazo, Keeley Snowfall, Alisha Cedarbridge, Talhya Sieyes, Kyaya ( Kay ), Evalyn Osment, Marla Carnell

Arwen Juneberry, and Emmanuelle Jameson Star as sexy seductive Hotel Maids.
This movie is in fact the very first which See's the whole of the Erotique Studio team on screen in action! With Louise's inclusion. Finally, i was honoured, to shoot and include one of my hero's too, AmyKitten Parx who as you know if you read my blogs i credit for inspiring me to get started as a porn director. When you shoot a movie with such a cast from Amy to a newcomer like kyaya you are spanning many years of Second Life porn and i really felt i wanted to do my best for everybody involved.

Pron Co Director EmeeLee Rage stars with Sexiest Awards Sexiest Actor Luke Lancaster.

I hope the movie ticks a lot of boxes. That it is fun, and sexy. It was also an experiment meaning it was a huge technical challenge. It also attempts to blend two styles, the chroma keyed back drops, the assembling of cast members who never met at all during filming into the same scenes via blue screen shoots, and the main sex scene which used shadows and other viewer effects caught "in camera".

Kai Baby and Arwen Juneberry in a unforgettable main sex scene.

Love Juice really is an impossible movie to shoot conventionally. Building on my 2010 movie "Erotique Paradise Isle" it placed Second Life actors and actresses into the real world via blue screen. It also built on that earlier movie by placing actors and actresses into scenes with others they never even met on set. In some cases the cast were never on line at the same time during the whole long production of the movie, so i really do have impossible scenes in this film.

Me..Serenity Juneberry, and Krystall Pearl, share the central sex scene with Emee, Luke, Kai, and Arwen.

The movie itself i think is probably the closest thing to a feature film we've done, it has a story like other movies we've done but it also has the large cast and lots going on. It has plenty of sex, although i consider it more and erotic feature rather than a porn movie.

Second Life Porn legend AmyKitten Parx!!!

Now an epic "Juicy" gallery of the movie!!!

Pouring on the Love Juice. Arwen and Krystall.

Excellent Maid Service! Krystall and Serenity

Louise has a look in on Kai, Arwen, and Serenity.

One of my favourite scenes. Showing all the starring cast. This scene was completely artificial, only Arwen and Emmanuelle were actually filmed together for this shot.

Super sexy EmeeLee Rage with Luke Lancaster underneath!

Aww Emma can't see that lovely view out the window, but at least she gives us one of her own!

Love Juice Maid, Arwen, with the hotels hottest guest, Kai Baby.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Louise and Coco Silverweb, with Marla Carnell centre.

This is a completely different movie from "Love Juice". However it does sit in context after watching that first film. It could be described as a "Directors Cut" of the Love Juice sex scenes, featuring the super sexy support cast we had on the project.

AmyKitten Parx, getting up close and personal!

All the support cast were filmed against Blue Screen. Which allowed me to place them on beaches, and in the hotel Sauna. I could even place people in shots and scenes together when they never met at all during the filming.

Sid Style, Coco riding Lou! With Hoobs waiting patiently..

I think Love Juice Island is a fun movie, and it does exactly what it set out to do. Which is throw some more spotlight on to the amazing friends, actors, and actresses who took part in this project.

Whoaaa..What a view..I'm loving those lush peaks, the hills in the background are quite nice too! Lou, Coco, Alisha, and Colleen.

Thank you everybody who took part, you all looked amazing! xox


Kyaya and Grim, Sid Style and Hoobs.

The Sun sets on the Love Juice project for Serenity. Awwwww.

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