Monday, March 28, 2011

Director Spotlight - Natalie Xenga's - Una Notte a Roma

I have to say first off, i think it's a shame, that somebody i well and truly regard as being among the top movie makers on the SL porn scene right now, seems to be keeping under every bodies radar. Hopefully, this post, along with the exposure on Emanuelle Jameson's Second Life Blog, can see her getting the credit she deserves. Natalie seems to me to be a huge talent, in photography, and is now transferring that great eye to movie making.

This is not a highly topical review, this movie has been out since early March. I had been waiting for it to make an appearance on Naughty Machinima before featuring it here, so to boost it's views and help it further.

I can't wait any longer though! 

Una Notte a Roma

Natalie Xenga's or NXP's movies are hard to criticise, the end product is highly polished, and make for exceptional viewing. However, even a casual viewer can see there is a lot more going on here than just aiming a SL viewer camera into a SL apartment. This is where the appreciation, and admiration should begin to unfold. Natalie does not just make a movie she craft's it, and i can bet she's spent many, many hours on a production before and after the filming takes place. Possibly the filming itself is the easiest, and quickest part of the whole process.

Going by my own experiences, I'm assuming, green screen, and layers are used to create a world within a world. As i said when Paradise Isle was shot, it's ironic, Hollywood uses green screen to put actors into a virtual world, and now it's being used to bring about the complete opposite. Virtual actors are being placed into the real world, via post production methods like Natalie's.

In this case, Jinx and Natalie as stars of this movie were placed in a totally real world and a very inviting hotel room in Rome.

Some SL porn movies are extravagant sex shows, in your face, hard core, and deliberate exhibitions. There is though another kind of erotic movie. This type places the viewer almost in the role of a fortunate voyeur. In "Una Notte a Roma" we almost feel we are invading the privacy of this loving couple. It's warm, cosy, romantic, and very intimate. This does not mean the sex is low key, it's as adventurous as any, and it unfolds in a very natural way.

For whatever reason's Natalie is going about her business with this, and other projects, such as her exceptional music video's. In a low key manner. I feel her views are too low compared to the movies released around it. I think she deserves far more, When you wish to create something special which requires innovation, planning, creativity, and longer production times. It can be hard up against others who are making possibly up to 20 movies for every one of yours. Things can gather pace for a prolific director, casting many people in numerous movies. So, in turn if you operate at the other end of the spectrum, without that kind of exposure, you can at times find it harder to make a name for yourself.

So, i wish her well, and congratulate her on her amazing efforts so far. I always look out for them, rate, and comment. I hope you join me and do the same. We need producer's like on our scene.

Watch it below...

Serenity Juneberry.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Night Of A 1000 Pornstars

I will glady accept snapshots from anybody wanting to further the coverage of this amazing community event. Just send them to me in world. "Serenity Jueneberry".

Big thanks have to go to Emanuelle for her work organising this huge event, it was both thoughtful, and hard work on her part and we along with the other venues did our very best to make it a success. It was great to party with Ema, and see her at Club Erotique during her visits, her TP's were on over drive as she went from party to party all night!

We raised a fraction under L$30,000 at Club Erotique, it was a great night, but always in the back of your mind was this terrible trajedy, which i was proud to see prompted such an amazing response from the SL Porn Community and Pornstars group.

Also very special thanks to DJ "Rajdreamer Innovia"  He generously stepped up to the plate and provided an excellent set for the party goers. Which i know contributed to the big total we were able to raise at the club.

I have captured some nice snapshot's of Ema and a whole host of pornstars, i hope you enjoy the pics.

Serenity Juneberry.

March 26th - SL Porn Box Office

This week was a week featuring plenty of re releases following some technical issues at other sites.

This can be a good thing, as those new to the scene can see older work by well known producer's, or it can even be good for the producer to look back and see how they are progressing too. For myself and Scooby Mode re uploading to Naughty Machinima saw us having featured movies with our replacement versions. As the sites policy rightly so does not consider embedded releases for featured movies. The down side is this can rule out some great stuff, but given the technical problems many of us have had to fix with uploading again it seems wise as it would place some prominent movies outside of their control, from a reliability angle.

Some very well known producers feature on the chart this week, and in the "Trending Section" Emanuelle Jameson, Aurora Bentham, Scooby Mode and Rysan. Again though it was featured movie status that helped clinch the #1 spot, for our movie "Web Cam Voyeur". Thanks to everybody who watched, and especially those who may have hit the feature button. It meant a lot to both myself and Arwen. xx

Emanuelle appears in 3 movies in the top five! ( I predict this hot Starlet will go a long way in SL Porn! :P )

It's a feature of this weeks Box Office that we see Ema as recently shot as last week, looking mouth watering in Scooby's colourful ( no..i can spell..honestly, i am just British. ) and vivid Hot Summer Day, along side Yacht Club, a movie which is a real classic on our scene, given another airing due to a re upload. Also featuring of course, the ground breaking, always popular, and one of the hottest SL movies of all time La Cagna Ricca.

It's been a busy week on the Porn scene for some, and not just on the movie making front. I was very proud to be a co owner of one of the clubs taking part in the Japan Relief Red Cross fund raiser "Night Of A 1000 Pornstars" What a great example of a community spirit. Thanks to Ema for a great job managing it..and all the hard work she put in, it was a pleasure to help out the way we did.

Serenity Juneberry

1. Web Cam Voyeur ( Re Uploaded ) - Serenity & Arwen Juneberry

2. Barbie Whore - Aurora Bentham.

3. La cagna ricca - Emanuelle Jameson

4. The Yacht Club - Emanuelle Jameson.

5. Ema And Scooby: Hot Summer Day - Scooby Mode.

Also Trending This Week........ ( In No Order )

Shadows and Depth - Rysan

Flame in the City  - Flame Broek 

Booty Call 3D ( For Red/Cyan Glasses ) - Serenity Juneberry

Bonitaz Goes Black - Lee Horn Gold

Breaking Her in #11 - Tyler Rage

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Last 7 Days - SL Porn Box Office

A funny old week! 

I thought i'd seen it all..."My Lover Toy" would not have taken any place here from another movie, as it was not made in SL ( Sex Villa, and it was made by somebody else entirely than the producer who uploaded it, way back in 2008. )

As with Emanuelle's blog, we will have to think twice about inclusions from this producer, as we hope to promote a honest picture of the scene here.

I felt it was a pretty strong week, but slower, and i believe that's a good thing. Two movies with Scooby Mode's new hard ware set up feature, both on the chart, and added to the new "Trending" section to follow. The hugely impressive debut movie, "Maid To Be Made" claims a spot in the top 5 ( If we had a chart for best NM screen names "Do Me Thursday" would be #1!!! ) . Another new producer LeehornGold, has the exciting "Goes Black" series featured too in Trending. Deelite comes in at number 5, which is no reflection on the movie, as it was mid week release. As usual it's high class, sexy, and extremely well produced.

The big two this week, is a well deserved number 2 spot for PrinceJD, with the beautifully shot "Stranded", and a very well deserved number one spot for Pixie Rain. She has a huge amount of fans, myself included. She's a star, and i wish we saw more of her at Naughty Machinima.

I re uploaded our movie, Web Cam Voyeur yesterday, following the Blip.TV cull this week! Hoping for a trending spot. I'm sure you can cut me some slack and acknowledge it's definately trending! Throw me a bone..i never review my own movies either! LOL ( good job really as i am my own worst critic..i may even give myself 1 star. :P )

1. Showdown - Pixie Rain

2. Stranded - PrinceJD Galicia

3. Maid To Be Made - Do Me Thursday

4. Freak Me - Scooby Mode

5. DeeDee's Depth Test - Deelite Zenvoka

Also Trending Now....

Noobs R Us - Scooby Mode

Web Cam Voyeur - Serenity & Arwen Juneberry

Juliana Goes Black - LeeHorn Gold.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Lover Toy - How To Get A Hit Movie With Somebody Elses Work.

I have lost count of how many times Katia has deleted me trying to tell viewers and visitors at NM such as Ruff, and Pelon, and hundreds of others who are under the impression, due partly I'm sure to her broken English, that she never made the movie "My Lover Toy" . She claims she is not intending to take credit for it and has informed everybody via her comments. This message seems lost in translation,  and in addition she seems to be happy to sit back and accept the praise by guys like Ruff, and be happy for Emanuelle to blog her, clearly believing she had made this film. Without setting any of them straight. I do not believe any of her comments have made it clear she never produced this movie.

We use NM to upload our own movies, if you are not going to credit a creator on your movie, or clearly credit them in the description, i don't believe it's fair. Katia has clearly mislead people with this movie. She has removed all my attempts to pass on this information.

This animation has been doing the rounds since 2008 at least, I'd seen it many times over the years, it is widely distributed online, on porn video sites, and 3d animation porn sites.

Last week, i considered stopping the Box Office feature due to fixed views, and boosting by refresh, i really don't want to add uploads of other peoples movies, to the list. along with that, and alt accounts to rate movies higher too, it's getting impossible for a new producer especially to stand out.

To think this video may get more credit, more views, and Katia may recieve more attention and praise than somebody like Pixie Rain, with her magnificent "Showdown" just makes me concerned.

I am giving her the benefit of the doubt, and i'l lsay publicly i'm willing to believe she never set out to claim this as her own. However, she's done nothing to put the record straight, and refused my offers to post a notice stating her apparent true intentions.

So, here's a proper movie, by somebody worthy of high praise and congratulations.

Showdown - Pixie Rain

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stranded - PrinceJD Galicia

Stranded : Starring : PrinceJD Galicia, Krystal Pearl.

Directed & Edited : PrinceJD Galicia

I was very lucky to receive a advance copy of this movie earlier this week. From the very first shot i loved it.

The warm sunset, and long shadows all serve to make it a beatiful romantic setting. It was a well constructed movie set, and all the elements combined, i felt really took you there. ( Krystal got taken there..again and again by the looks of it! )

I entered into the porn scene at around the same time as JD, me as a director/actress, him as a actor. I was also lucky enough to star in his directing debut. JD is a wonderful director to work with, patient and laid back, but still with an eye for detail and desire to make things as good as he can. JD is really evolving, and i feel anybody watching this film would say beyond doubt JD has really found his style, and well and truly found his feet as a director. Another plus for the audience here, is JD's use of a High Definition uploaded video. Due to the increased detail, and colour palette of HD video we are able to enjoy more subtle lighting effects and it gives JD lots more scope on the more artistic side, allowing him to use a wider range of lighting too, which may have been lost, or even make for hard viewing on a small embedded, or low quality screen window.

This production really saw great use of the viewer. When we talk about effects, it's not to showcase showing off for the sake of it, or undermining those who cannot do so. They come to the fore front and add the icing on the cake if they enhance the scene, or aid story telling. You can make a fantastic movie without these top of the line viewer effects, or post production effects. In Hollywood terms, a classic from the 1950's will still beat a very average CG effects laden movie from today. You can have style, and put effort in and create something special. It's just fortunate that Director's such as JD can manage both here in "Stranded".

We are treated to some lovely angles, scenes here. Some very artistic and creative, such as those shot through the lace drapes. Both avatars really suite each other, it's not often you can say a couple on a SL movie seem to have chemistry or look so right together, but Krystal and JD looked fantastic and looked wonderful together, making the whole picture very natural and beautiful.

Congrats JD..We all want more!

Watch this beautifully erotic movie below.

Serenity Juneberry.

Box Office - The Last 7 Days.

Hi all...

Yes, i pulled the plug on the "Box Office" project, i still share, and hold some of the views, and have sympathies, which led me to choose to take it down. No fingers were pointed exclusively at producers, this could be fans, friends, cast members, or anybody allied with the production. Anybody can  "massage the views" and cause upset. I do know many producers put so much into a project, and it's a huge insult to see it eclipsed by something else due to unfair means. I would like to level the playing field, and feature more movies here on merit, outside of the Box office feature. If my RL and SL  permits i will continue to review what i see as quality, or innovative movies here, by new and established producers.

However, I have had a big response from people this week telling me how much they enjoy the Box Office feature, and i have been urged to bring it back. Even people who agreed with my choice to pull the plug have told me how much they enjoyed it.

Serenity Tweaks

I have decided to bring it back in a tweaked format. Only the top 5 movies will be presented in a chart form. The rest of the movies featured in this segment will not be listed in any order, they will come under the title "Also Trending This Week" The order they appear on the blog will have nothing to do with their views. Today i won't feature these Trending movies due to RL commitments though.

The reason for only ever featuring a top 5, is. I feel more confident these movies would be the favourite movies of the week no matter what. Once we got down to number 8 or 9, or 10 on the old chart we were into some very close and controversial inclusions for example. Also, any particularly undeserving movie which does find itself in the top 5, may itself betray some form of cheating and serve to highlight the problem. I'm sure i would not be the only person to say.."hmmm hold on a minute!?" . The top 5 movies should be there for all to see as deserving of their rank.

So, now, if i feel a great movie was just edged out through whatever means,  i can include it. It's good i have no firm, or rigid top ten, i will pick these movies based on views and other qualities at my own discretion. Hopefully this helps. ( Ironically, i usually love firm and rigid. )

Thankyou to everybody who sent me messages regarding this, it was nice to here your positive thoughts about what goes on here. *hugs*

Serenity Juneberry.

The Last 7 days Top 5....

1. Sex Room - Ruff Broco

2. Booty Call 3D - Serenity Juneberry

3. Working Girl - Bert Jedburgh

4. Starry Licious - nn1nn1

5. So Fucking Good - Quinn Ying.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sorry All.

I would like to pass on my apologies for adding to some problems faced by fellow producers. I do appreciate these frustrations. I have taken down all the "Box Office" posts in response to this.

Keeping an eye on these movies and their views preparing to do my thing on the chart each Saturday morning, has meant I have also noticed very big and irregular jumps in movie views in a matter of minutes, or seconds. Therefore i agree, and feel it's very unfair to promote a movie based on views over another. It was a fun thing, but it can be hard to make a name for yourself, and i can understand that this Box Office Chart could be making it even harder still.