Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CareHome - Saffo Alvarez

Where do you start with "Carehome" !? I pretty much watched it..very much like it's super sexy star "Diane" did throughout the movie..Open mouthed!!!

It's a complete sex crazed riot! It's anarchic, and crazy, but also a quite a lot of fun. One thing you can say, it's a very strong unique concept, and large numbers of cast mean the directing involved to make it all work is increased. So congrats for that.

Diane for me stole the show, an absolutely perfect look for this movie. Smoking hot! Curvy, sexy, and looks to get guys of any age going ( As is proved here! ) . I bet that care home managed to slash its Viagra bill! Had this movie been made with the wrong person it would not have had the impact it has. From the first shot on her bike, she looks every bit a true porn star.

I don't go in for negatives on Stripped and Teased, i focus only on good points, and tend to only feature what i feel will be popular, or what i consider to be high quality movies, and as updates are not so frequent here..My main hope is they will have a little longer in the lime light. This movie appears in what seems to be a little golden spell for SL Porn. We've had some real gems lately, From Deelite, Rysan, Hard Rust & Co, Nikolas Frederix, and Rayven Baily. Saffo i feel has personally taken a big step forward with movies like this. He seems to have taken on board the fact that maybe putting half a dozen quickly produced movies worth of effort and time into one project produces great results.

This movie pitted itself against recent voice acting productions, i can say if this had voice acting it would have gone from an ambitious project to an absolutely impossibly huge undertaking, and on into the realms of a very long production time. There is lot's of dialogue here, and of course the old guys in the cast would have required amazing voice acting performances, which is why i feel there will always be a place for text based productions. Even though i wish to experiment with voice in movies, i hope the day never comes that movies like this cannot be made due to a voice monopoly. It could only water down the diversity and spontaneous projects which can spring up and delight the community.

Having said all that, the text has to be paced nicely, placed correctly, and maybe the addition of drop shadow which allows it to be clearly seen against any back drop light or dark, is needed.

This particular batch of dialogue matched the crazy visuals nicely.

Any movie which clearly displays planning, effort, fun, originality, and a strong concept or story, along with of course...well choreographed, filmed, and executed sex! Is worthy of a lot of credit within the scene. Congrats to the team for bringing us "Carehome" You brightened up a lot of monitors!

Serenity Juneberry.

Watch CareHome below.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cowboy XXX - Nikolas Frederix

Nikolas Frederix directs a stunning cinematic style porn movie, featuring Nastya ( Resident ). 

I have to start by saying i've never seen such  a smooth looking movie in its animated movements, the scenes show real depth too, and the use of shadows on the viewer make the scenes even more full and rich, shadows are a feature which can cause many others to lag, but here it's taken in its stride.

The shadows are probably the most eye catching feature, but i also loved the changing focal length effect of the picture. Which mimics RL movies. The effect where either the foreground, or background is in focus at the expense of the other. This is the case on all hollywood movies and TV shows, and it add's the cinematic feel to Cowboy XXX.

Visually, and on the audio front this movie excels. Wonderful sex sounds play out to Fatboy slims remix of the Wiseguys "Cowboy '78" which suits the whole mood perfectly.

This is a case of the director making full use of SL to truly "Direct" a movie. He has stamped his style on it. Nikolas's photography background is surely a contributing factor to some of the great angles, and framed scenes.

The sex...Mmmm..dreamy! Just how you want your outside the bedroom sex..passionate, steamy, and intense ( or is that just me!? ) Nastya looks hot. I love the way the slow, lazy style of the opening acts as a long tease for the viewer, showing off her body and letting her sexy AO stand work up the audience, captured by a wonderfully shot montage of scenes as the prelude to the action.

That is one lucky cowboy! ( and she's the reason i'm wearing tight jeans and a vest top today in SL! )

Enjoy Cowboy XXX below.

Serenity Juneberry.