Monday, November 22, 2010

Editor's Update.

Hi all, Serenity here..Editor of Stripped & Teased. To prove it. i stripped and teased in the above picture.

Some news about the blog which will be upcoming shortly.

Star Ratings For Movie Reviews.

Firstly, we'll be introducing a star rating for movie reviews. Ten stars in all being the maximum, we'll also be having an overall "Average Star Rating". This will show at a glance if a director has surpassed themselves, and taken huge strides forward on a project for example, at a glance.

A Community Blog.

Also, this is a community blog for the SL Porn Scene. We want to reflect that with showcasing talent, interviewing personalities, and bringing you news from the porn world in SL.

The Social ( Porn ) Network. 

I was fortunate to host one party, and attend another the weekend just gone. Surface appearances lately may lead people to believe otherwise, but by in large we are a like minded, fun group of people, and we know how to party!

If you've attended a pornstar related event or party, please submit pictures or snapshots of yourself, or friends, or cool things you've seen. Hopefully we can feature them in some kind of "Around The Porn Scene" feature. Please keep them relevant, and up to date, as they will make up a new feature "This Week On The Scene" segment.

We'd like this to be a kind of homage to all those celebrity magazines...We want the "OMG did you see what she was wearing!?" we want that kind of vibe.. ( ok..not that kind of vibe either! )

The social side of things, the friendships, the fun, the giggles, has always been 90% of what made Pornstars such a positive experience for me when i joined. I always thought 90% fun, 10% movie making was a fair assesment. It is still there. So please your porn scene snapshots, email Stripped and teased "" or send to Serenity Kristan in world.

If this does not get the old community spirit going..Plan B is drawing lots, and hand cuffing people together. :P

So to kick things off...

This Week On The Porn Star Scene.....

Party on Pornstars! Two pictures submitted by myself to kick off proceedings ..pretty much because i just invented this segment and you're not all mind readers!

Taken at Club Erotique's weekly Friday Pornstar Party.

Arwen ( Horny Again.) & Serenity get ready for action!

Hard Rust & Serenity, AKA Elvis and Princess Leia. 

We look forward to your pictures. For our community spots. If you've been seen around the porn scene this week, or spotted somebody so hot you just had to snapshot them..we want to see. xxx

Or send in world to : Serenity Kristan ( aka Serenity Juneberry. )

The Loan Officer Directed by Aurora Bentham

It was a wonderful surprise to see one of SL's most talented directors make her return to SL after a month or so in purgatory, and she wasted no time in dishing up a hot and fun lil film for us.  Aurora and hubby Scooby Mode talk to bank officer Drew McDunnough about their debts, and Aurora is shocked to discover Scooby's secret gambling problem has them in serious financial straits.  Drew offers to fuck Aurora in exchange for erasing the debts, and before Scoob can even voice his objections, she's on her knees in front of Drew, paying off her husband's debts.  Sexy secretary Quinn Ying sits in as Aurora fucks the hell out of Drew in front of her husband, a sexy little exercise in cuckolding.   Aurora makes it all better in the end, sucking off Scooby til he adds his load to the basting she already recieved from Drew.  Short, sweet and hot as hell, Aurora didn't miss a beat in her time off.

 Ivori Faith

Whiteout Directed by Mystie Heart

What a surprise this one turned out to be!  The stark white lighting effects and uptempo music set the tone for some blistering sex, a delicious 4some with a male, female, hermaphrodite and a shemale.  The guy and tgirl get down for some naughty oral (the sight of a bad ass tattoed and dreadlocked guy taking that sweet shemale's cock in his mouth was so hot!) while the sexy nerdy type female and the beautiful black herm make their own fun.    Mystie, with help from Ted Dosei have crafted a blisteringly hot film that is slick, with wonderful fluidity in its angles and transitions.  The lighting does obscure the cumshots a touch, but this gender bending flick is a sign Breeding Room Films may be one to check out if you haven't already.  I know I will be taking a look at their other output when I get a chance.

Ivori Faith

Waiting For Her Dom Directed by Hanna Hotshot

A slightly misleading title in this second release from Hanna.  She may have been waiting for her Dom, but once he's chained her, they run through some very Vanilla sex.  I was a little disappointed by that, if he's billed as a Dom, shouldn't we see some D/s?  The musical choice doesn't work because of this, it might have been alright had this movie been titled differently.  The uncredited male performer never takes his pants off, which obscures some of the penetration shots and ends up being a distraction.  The chain too distracts, floating in the air and impaling the performers.  Once again, with no other D/s element in the movie other than the title, why include it?  She would have done well to just call it 'Waiting For Him'.

Ivori Faith

Snowbound Directed by PrinceJD Galicia

As I mentioned in my review of his last film, JD is one of the directors to keep an eye on as each film shows such improvement, and this one is no exception.  Beautifully shot, this is one of the most romantic SL films I've seen to date.  His attention to detail in this one is what really makes this film a winner.  From the adorable opening, of himself and the lovely Krystall Pearl playing in the snow then retiring first to the hot tub, then in front of the fireplace, the heat in this film builds at just the right pace.  The music choices are spot on, especially the instrumental version of the Moody Blues classic 'Knights In White Satin'.  The tempo of the music matches the progression of their tryst, and we are treated to two of the hottest bods in SL making love in some very delicious positions.  No story, no words (none are needed) just some beautiful sex.  Take a bow, JD.   This is one you should be damn proud of.

Ivori Faith

Robinson's Fridays Directed by Saffo Alvarez

It was just a matter of time before we saw an SL porn-take on this classic story. Robinson in this version finds himself out on a little boat ride only to run out of gas just as he discovers an island full of naked horny girls. While this may be a convenient plot device, this movie is all about the sex, and there is lots of it packed into the 12+ hot minutes. 8 girls in all, each named for a different day of the week (so he knows who needs to be serviced) and today being Friday, he is left to tackle Friday 1 and 2 (naturally...) and the other 6 retire to the hut for some hot lesbian sex. Apparently all those cockless months havent dampened the lust for each other as we get a great show of the TNT orgy engine in action. The movie cuts back and forth between Robinson getting his brains fucked out by the Fridays and the 6 hotties (enhanced even more by the sex sounds, some hot moans and slurps in there). The large cast features Kathrein's Heinhouse and Kareen Jagernov and SuicideGirl Evermore, along with some sexy newcummers (Roxy Davidov, Meg Wisent, Desiree Sirenz, Celtic Edenflower, Jennie Firenze and Barbie Frostbite, along with Jack and Diane). Some grammatical errors (yeah, I know I am picky...) and a slightly silly plot, but overall a fairly hot movie that's well shot in some nice locations. Oh, and directors... please no more movies using the baywatch theme music. That's all the 'Hoff this girl can take.

Ivori Faith

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rags To Riches (Portrait Of A Femboy Hooker) - Directed by CeCe Luminos

After taking a little break, everyone's favorite huge-cocked femboy is back with a vengeance, and producing some great movies in the process.  This time CeCe takes a shot at Pretty Woman, the classic hooker does well story.  Instead of Julia Roberts (who might have been the most unconvincing hooker of all time IMO) we get sexy CeCe out on the streets, hustling that hot lil ass.

The movie starts with a visit to her hairdresser, played by Quinn Ying in a wonderfully funny cameo.  She's in the middle of getting fucked rather unsuccesfully by Regy Constantine.  She sets CeCe up with a new hairdo as the sweet femboy tells about landing the yummy Key Lio, sucking  and fucking him right there in the street.

Key is no ordinary john however, he's the CEO of a major record company.  He offers her a shot at stardom in exchange for her tight little ass.  CeCe, looking to break free from the life of a street ho is only too happy to oblige.  They go through a myriad of positions, that delicious cock of hers dribbling precum throughout the thorough fucking she recieves from Key.

After getting her ass pounded and a faceful of cum, we flash back to the beauty shop to see CeCe's new hairdo.  Quinn is shocked when later she turns on her tv to see CeCe the rock star, living out her dream.  A cute, funny and sexy film with some great dialogue, it does have a couple minor flaws that both have to do with timing.  The script is great, but it flies by faster than you can read it (a criticism EmeeLee Ember's Up High also recieved), and I had to rewatch it to get all of the dialogue straight.  It's a shame, because she's written a great little movie here and the dialogue is worth reading.

The other issue I have with the movie is the length of time devoted to the shots.  I know from watching CeCe's movies she loves to pack as many different positions as she can into them, and that's never a bad thing, but she moves off to the next one before you've had time to appreciate the current one.  A few seconds longer on the shots would make a world of difference, and that combined with a few seconds more to read the dialogue might have added a couple minutes to the movie, but it would be a positive thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love CeCe's work and this film is another fine example of it.  Just be prepared to rewatch it so that you can get all the wonderful dialogue in.

Ivori Faith

Watch it Below.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Director Showcase - EmeeLee Ember

Emeelee & Ivori: Up High!

I'll get out the way from the start, that the director is a good friend, and so is the
co star, and i am mentioned on the credits. However, i think my comments will be
universally agreed on and i won't be beaten over the head with accusations of biased

Firstly, i am so happy this movie came out right now. Beyond the simple facts that it's
enjoyable, fun, and very sexy. It's also a lesson and a demonstration. A brand new
director after some time on the scene, admittedly in this case a top actress, can
observe, also take advice from friends and collegues in the community, mixing it all together with a
large amount of effort, and what seems to be a good amount of natural talent, and finally putting it
all together to make something special. Frankly not only matching but surpassing more
experienced producers. Especially those with a lesser appetite for putting in effort on
their projects.

it's quite clear Emee has soaked up every movie making experience while being an actress,
and listened to many people, and kept what she liked, and added it to her own slant on
things for this movie.

From the outset it has a fun, and sexy feel, with great costumes, and a great location.
Right away you know this attention to detail is a sign of good things to come. The non
sexual "acting" was well executed and captured via a thoughtful use of facial expression
huds, the movement around the confined movie set was very well choreographed, and filmed.
The editing is way above that of a novice, and shows true talent.

Swinging from fun dialogue, to outright laughs, we then move into the sex scenes.
Sometimes, even with the sexiest actresses a sex sequence can fall short of true
eroticism. This is definitely not the case here. The sleazy 70's style porn music
( which if you follow my movies, you'll know i'm a fan of! I maybe guilty of some influence here.. hehe ) helps set the tone though here for some very hot and erotic sex scenes. Wonderfully framed and captured and a real
turn on.

I don't have to tell anybody on the scene how Emee looks on screen, that side of her
career has already been a huge success, and when her time in world permitted she was at
the very top. She sizzles in this, and as before in Hard Rust's movie "Doing Hard Time"
Emee manages to straddle being a fun comedy character, along with being an extremely
sexy one. just stunning, and delicious in this movie! Curvy, and blonde, and in that
sexy red uniform, it had me from the start! A little..or should i say a lot, extra is
always a good thing too!

When i make a movie, i always try to come out the other end knowing the things i need to
address and apply to my next to make it even better. Emeelee has a pretty short list to
carry into her next project. My criticism's are minor. They involve the text on screen.
Which is a learning the software issue. The addition of drop shadow would have made the
text pop out and easier to read. And the opening crawl of text a tiny bit too fast to
take in.

None of this takes too much away from the movie too much at all. it's hugely enjoyable,

funny, and sexy! What more do you want from SL machinima Porn?

I'd like to say a warm welcome to Emeelee to the ranks of SL movie makers. She is a very
welcome addition indeed.

Serenity Kristan

Now..sit back and enjoy...Emee & Ivori's : Up High!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Emee's Erotique Encounter - Directed by PrinceJD Galicia

The second clip from JD shows him continuing on his
strong debut, as he showcases not only the beautiful
beach at Club Erotique, but his co-star EmeeLee Ember,
who makes a return to films after some time off.
A dip in the hot tub soon leads to some beautifully
shot and at times romantic sex.  The sunset in the
background along with some good musical choices are
as much stars as the performers in this one, and while
JD needs to work on angles and smoother zooms, these
are minor issues and apart from some of the shots
being too far away, none of them distract from the

Ivori Faith

Sex With Strangers - Directed by Pixie Rain

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum is this
film by Pixie Rain that has had a similar effect on
me as La Cagna Ricca did upon viewing it.  Starring
the delicious Tina McClure, Pixie takes on a sweet
little mind fuck of a movie, the visuals at time are
downright jaw-dropping.  It's part porn, part music
video and part acid trip, all set to the beat of the
Marianne Faithful track of the same name.  She even
interrupts the film for a cameo in a commercial that
had me giggling.  The beauty of this clip is that the
sex itself is almost secondary.  It's about the
thoughts, emotions, desires and even the chemical
reactions of that most primal human emotion: lust.
All laid out in a stunning display that not many have
attempted here, if at all.  I could detail all of
the things that happen in this movie (and the scene
where an old man jerking off to one of Tina's movies
is surprised when the screen shatters and she's
suddenly standing before him is brilliant, especially
because he left his socks on) or you could just go
watch it for yourself.  I cannot recommend this movie
any higher.  Porn as Art, SL Style.

Ivori Faith

Fifth Element- A Hot Lesbian Foursome - Directed by Quinn Ying.

Not everyone can take the simplicity of four
girls on a bed and keep it from getting a little
ho-hum.  Quinn Ying is one of the directors who
can, as this short but very hot film proves.
Quinn has such a keen eye for angles and lighting,
combined with great animations and 4 of SL's
hottest girls adds up to a short but sweet treat
for the viewer.  Her use of amazing music and
sound effects merely amplify the heat, though I
do wish a little more time could have been taken
some of the scenes.  This movie could easily have
been twice the length without becoming tedious,
and given us a better look at the incredibly sexy
performers.  The quadruple dong scene was
incredible to watch, though and I am sure it was
a blast to make this film with her.
One of the things I love about this film is the
dreamlike state it portrays with the lighting
effects she used, and her co-stars Faye Nymphea,
HaileyMarie Redrose and Kareen Jaggernov are all
flattered by it.  Well worth checking out in
spite of the length, and another fine example
from a director who constantly pushes the artistic

Ivori Faith

The Porn Audition - Directed By Pelon Beaton

One of the things I've noticed in my time in the
biz is there are two types of directors. Some
take their time and craft stories, and those that
produce the more 'gonzo' style. Both are fine,
and in some ways fans win with prolific directors
providing them with new movies to watch. It just
becomes a question of how much is too much? Are
some directors rushing out product for the sake of
making movies and by doing so sacrificing the
quality? I give you Pelon Beaton's latest, 'The
Porn Audition'. Pelon's a great guy, and I am all
for directors giving new talent a shot, in this
case leggy blonde Eve Quander. Instead of being a
showcase for a budding new superstar, we get a
film that feels entirely rushed, from the jerky
camera movements, to the music selection (the song
is shorter than the movie, so it restarted after
ending it seems) to the editing process itself.
Shots are either not long enough for you to
appreciate them or too long, and most glaringly, is
the number of spelling mistakes in the captions. I
don't want to be a grammar nazi, and I understand that
the director's first language may not be English,
but this really sums up the problem. If people
would slow down and pay attention to these little
things, the overall quality would improve. As it is,
there's plenty of directors producing stuff like this,
and it's hard to differentiate Pelon's films from others.

Ivori Faith