Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sex Me - Directed By Bo$$ Daddy

This could be a real short review. OMG..Wow..Would pretty much sum up this music video.

A music video, set to R.Kelly's "Sex Me". Balanced with an amazingly hot porn short too.

I have been struggling to put into words just how good this video is, i think the biggest tribute is, while getting my screen grab selections. it struck me, so many scenes and frames were worthy of SL photography at it''s very best. Those aspects when combined with a running video make it extremely erotic, powerful, and artistic.

All this, and then some! Is the best way to describe the on screen couple here. Both are quite stunning, sexy, hot, and beautiful. You just want to watch it over again as it ends. With perfect lighting, mood and atmosphere to enhance these wonderful looks further.

Another thing of note regarding this producer of movies. Unlike some they do not have to tell us how great they are, the work speaks for itself. This firmly takes SL porn machinima into the realms of erotic art/photography.

Maybe I'd start watching MTV again if this became the norm for music video's..( That's if MTV still plays music video's? ..I'm getting on a bit here! )

Serenity "Kristan" Juneberry          

Friday, December 24, 2010

We Wish You a Merry XXXMas - Part 2

December 24, 2010

On the eve before Christmas, the pornstars in Second Life return to with Part 2 of our little Christmas gift!

From L to R: Priscilla Balogh, Amykins Moonwall, CeCe Luminos, rocky McMinnar, Alexus Minotaur, Candi Mendle.

Santas’ Laps: More of our pornstars scantily dressed in red, ready and willing to be Santa’s unofficial lapdancers.  Trust me when I say that they definitely know “tis the season” for both teasin’ and pleasin’ ;-)

From L to R: (top) Alyssa Drechsler, Carmen Greenfield, Natalie Xenga. (bottom) Adam Proctor, Ray Lonergan, Stryker Ninetails.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Brrrr!  Cocks and nipples aren’t the only thing stiffening and catching a cold as our pornstars gather together outside their cozy Christmas cabin for warmth and comfort this holiday season.

From L to R: Nikita Ellsmere, Quinn Ying, Pixie Rain, Aurelia Lionheart, Aprille Shepherd.

You’ve Been Naughty: Our pornstars take it upon themselves to KNOW who’s been naughty or nice this holiday season :-D  Guess which one they’d rather be, hehe…

From L to R: Cybercat Bekkers, Emmea Lenroy, Kareen Jaggernov, Drew McDunnough, Brenna Lacourte, Aiden Lexenstar.

Balls and Holly: Oh by gosh by golly, it’s time for big round Christmas balls and holly!  Amidst such large, beautiful, round, ahem….props, our pornstars  are ready to cop a feel or two.  As they sexily whisper, “Merry XXXMas”, to you! :-) 

From all of us in the wonderful wide world of Second Life porn, Happy Naughty Holidays, and have a VERY Merry XXXMas!!!

With love,


Thursday, December 23, 2010

We Wish You a Merry XXXMas - Part 1

Hey Second Life pornstars,

I just wanted to introduce a very special Christmas gift to you all, a gift that has been in the works for the past couple of weeks. As many of you know, it has been a whirlwind of a year for us, especially in the last six months for Second Life porn. And this is the perfect time of year for all of us to come together and celebrate the holidays the best way we pornstars know how: in a sexy, fun, and naughty way! :-D *giggles*

With that said, many of your favorite actors, actresses, and directors were all gathered together in the past couple of weeks, dressed in their naughtiest holiday attire, to participate in a big Christmas photoshoot, primarily sponsored by The Pornstars group, The Spice Rack, Spice Magazine, Club Erotique and Evotica Adult Entertainment, plus the support of numerous porn and pornstar-related blogs in Second Life.

These set of holiday photos were the creation of the wonderfully talented (and equally sexy) Jeanne Sahara. She did such an amazing job capturing our little group in such deliciously disobedient acts of mirth and merriment :-) You can see more of Jeanne’s work on her Flickr page:

Everyone involved in this project worked very hard, and we’re all very proud of our efforts. We hope these photos can inspire a little bit of holiday spirit right into the new year.

So without further ado, here is Part 1 of “We Wish You a Merry XXXmas!” Enjoy!

From L to R: PrinceJD Galicia, Serenity Kristan, Arwen Juneberry, HaileyMarie RedRose,
 Faye Nymphea, Chip Myers.

A Vintage Christmas: Here’s a few of our pornstars all huddled together, warm and cozy.  They usually like to start the holidays off by spending time in a winter wonderland.  Though, you’d think they’d be feeling a bit nipply… ahem...nippy out in the cold, hehe.

From L to R: 4ever Wise, EJ Cannned, Krystall Pearl, Aurora Bentham, Scooby Mode, 
Emanuelle Jameson.

Christmas Eye Candy: Some of our most well-known pornstars and starlets often like to celebrate the holidays by nibbling on some delicious, sweet and tasty Christmas candy…and we’re not necessarily talking candy canes *giggles*.

From L to R: Ivori Faith, Candace Flossberg, Hard Rust, EmeeLee Ember, Jinx Jiersen, 
Cherry Burnesdean.

Ho, Ho, Hobo: Even on a cold winter’s night, the celebration does not need to be fancy for our pornstars, as they can accommodate in even the most ghetto-like conditions.  Guess what happens after the fire burns out….

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of "We Wish You a Merry XXXMas"!

EmeeLee Ember.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

We were supposed to be doing laundry, but then this happened....

Directed By Rysan Fall.

Starring : Rysan Fall & Deelite Zenovka

Not much can open my eyes wide first thing in the morning ahead of my morning Expresso..But Wow! This did!

My paths have not crossed with Deelite as often as i'd like, or Rysan's at all. I know they are an amazingly hot couple, and two of SL's most amazing Machinima artists. I loved Deelite's last movie, and i love this!

Everything about this movie is spot on. We've had politics, and drama of late within the community. I think the lines got blurred a bit and focus was placed on "Story V's Sex Flick" That for me is not the battle at all. This is an unashamed Sex Flick, but it's not your typical over night wonder 5 minute job. The real issues are standards, and keeping the genre healthy. Story, or Sex Flick, If you excel then who cares!? We want both.

So, how do you make a sex flick that does not set the "here we go again!" alarm bells ringing? In this case the producer has real talent, and artistry, effort is clearly put into this project. Put simply if we all strive to be producing along these lines this genre will explode in popularity. Camera angles and shot selections mean you're transfixed here from start to finish. Rysan treats us to amazing views in every scene. It looks fantastic
( Helped by two of the sexiest Avatar's in SL! Deelite balances real beauty with true sexiness. ) . Wonderfully lit, and a simple but effective environment.

This production is Porn! That may sound obvious...But it's Porn by way of emulating RL Porn. Something not always evident in SL Machinima. The only limiting factors to the SL version is body detail and realism, so why not emulate the rest? You literally have no other limiting factors. Scenes, shot selections, angles, atmosphere, feeling, done right these things can turn us all on!

Do it all...Then you have a SL Porn Movie.

Serenity "Kristan" Juneberry

A Stripped Top Rated Movie.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SULTRINA - Teaser Trailer - Stripped 10 Star Rating.

The mere fact a trailer exists for a SL movie project says all their needs to be said regarding the fact it's going to have effort, planning, and hard work put into the production. Usually resulting in quality, and innovation. A real treat on the senses!

Evotica's first release, certainly evokes a feel of excitement and lives up to its billing as a "Teaser". The graphics and text are presented beautifully, in a grand tradition of teaser trailers, graphics and text have always been used to fill in the gaps in a production, and create a sense of drama. That is the Hollywood way, and not a short coming. from Evotica's SULTRINA to Star Wars you'll see the same method used.

The short, sharp visual clips are amazing, sexy sci fi! I think Evotica are heading for cult status with this concept. It is immersing the viewer and placing the production into a realm where all manner of exotic and visually stunning imagery can be created and seen. No doubt touching on many established fetishes, and tried and tested turn ons..but without real world traditions and limitations to hold it back.

The prospects for where SULTRINA can take us are mind blowing! So, yes..Please keep teasing us! We want more trailers!

Congrats to everybody involved.

I'm going to kick off Stripped and Teased star rating system with "10 Stars out of 10" for this one. It does everything it set out to do and much more.