Monday, August 29, 2011

Rapture - Who Is Watching The Voyeurs?

The latest movie from Pixie Rain, 'Rapture'.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy.


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Now this calls for some nice sound effects!

I have set out to answer some common questions i get asked by new directors in the Pornstar group. I covered some free software titles, and also a great free video encoder which lets you get great quality final video files at the lowest possible size.

This time, i will concentrate on the audio of a film. I am often asked how do i get the "moans" and the "ooooh yessss's" and the orgasms etc, onto movie sound tracks? You of course can have fun in your room in real life with a mic, or if you have a less than understanding RL around, you can do this....

Here is my easy guide.

STEP 1. Go to download the "orbit downloader" and instal.

( This is a free software that allows you to download video embedded in a web page such as youtube, or video porn sites when using Internet explorer. Once installed, just dwell on a video window until you see "Get It", and download to a location you select on your PC. )

STEP 2. Find a suitable online RL porn clip, if your movie has a guy and a girl, find a couples scene, if it has two girls find girl on girl clip. And so on.This way your sound track matches your SL scene. Then download it as described above.

STEP 3. Some editing software will let you import the downloaded "FLV" or MP4 video file which you've downloaded from the web site. However some will not. If this happens you'll have to introduce an extra step to get the sound track in to your video project. ( Of course, if you are editing in WMM, you can ignore lots of this and just use the info you need. )

This will be Windows Movie maker ( WMM ). Import the downloaded porn clip into WMM. If the clip does not show up in the folder when you import, click "show files of all type" then you'l lsee it, and can import it.

Drop the clip into your time line. In the audio slot ( not the video slot )

Then "Publish Movie" the file wil lbe a "WAV" sound only, and readable by all video editing software.

STEP 4. Import your new "WAV" file into your editing software. Cut, trim, to match your scenes, such as trimming and fitting the porn track parts to build in intensity along with your clip. balance the audio with your music sound track so one is not drowned out by the other, and render video in the usual way.

Then you have some sexy moans and orgasms to accompany your sex scene. :)

There are free softwares around to grab MP3's from Youtube tracks, i have tried one. It worked great on youtube, but not on the porn sites. However you may have more luck. But if that fails the above steps will work for you.

Scooby Mode also has a post dedicated to this side of film making which is worth checking out. CLICK HERE.

Serenity Juneberry. xx

Monday, August 8, 2011


Some producer's are having problems releasing movies at Naughty Machinima. I'm not 100% sure if the lack of free account options at the log in page is policy, or a bug that cannot be solved at the moment. Newcomers to Naughty Machinima can join and select the free account option. Arwen did this recently and has had no problems. I feel until this is in place for all existing members the site is going to be very slow.

The options for any producer's having problems is, THE KITTY SHACK this is the natural choice if you cannot get in to Naughty Machinima. It is a specialised site for SL Machinima. It has a nice layout, and i managed to upload Pron in Standard Definition video in one complete part of over 31 minutes. So it's a great option for producers to release their projects.

Another option is to release your movie at one of the numerous porn video sites which accept SL porn. XTube, Tube8, and Slutload are three sites which i've uploaded to. Most porn video sites with an "Anime" section will accept SL Porn.

So, another option for producers is to add an embed from a site such as Slutload.Com, and create, or use your existing blog as a productions blog for your movies. Release your movie in the standard way, via the "Pornstars" group, or any others you belong to. Steering your viewers to your own blog.

KEEP IT IN THE COMMUNITY : Feature Your Movies Here Or At Emanuelle Jameson's SL Blog...

I would also like to offer producers the chance to do this here at Stripped and Teased, along side Emanuelle's Blog. If you leave your embed codes in the comments section of this post, or any other weekly invitation posts you'll see, also leaving a brief description too. I can hopefully update this blog and feature your movie. And we'll do the same over at Emanuelle's. You can then receive some extra promotion while things sort themselves out elsewhere. I am not an automated system, and i can only promise to add the movies when i can. But i hope this Blog can assist during these times where Director's are having some problems releasing movies.

Click Here To Link To Emanuelle's Post On This Subject.

I would recommend uploading your movie to "Slutload.Com" as I've come to know it embeds without problems on a Blogger page. It also displays nice quality.

Here is what a Movie release could look like on Stripped & Teased....

Pron - The Encounter.

Directed by EmeeLee Rage and Serenity Juneberry. Serenity experiences the most erotic and sensual times of her life when she embarks on a journey to a strange new digital reality to meet her mysterious online cyber lover. Starring:Serenity Juneberry, Arwen Juneberry With Louise Silverweb, EmeeLee Rage, And T413r as Himself. Special Guest Stars: Ivori Faith, Alyssa Drechsler, Stryker Ninetails, Natalie Xenga, Jinx Jiersen, Rayven Baily, VanHelsing Svoboda. And Introducing: Elizabeth Firelyte, Dsfargeg Batista. Bar Patrons: Arwen Juneberry, Booya Bombacci, EmeeLee Ember, Haylie Joles.