Saturday, May 12, 2012


Louise and Coco Silverweb, with Marla Carnell centre.

This is a completely different movie from "Love Juice". However it does sit in context after watching that first film. It could be described as a "Directors Cut" of the Love Juice sex scenes, featuring the super sexy support cast we had on the project.

AmyKitten Parx, getting up close and personal!

All the support cast were filmed against Blue Screen. Which allowed me to place them on beaches, and in the hotel Sauna. I could even place people in shots and scenes together when they never met at all during the filming.

Sid Style, Coco riding Lou! With Hoobs waiting patiently..

I think Love Juice Island is a fun movie, and it does exactly what it set out to do. Which is throw some more spotlight on to the amazing friends, actors, and actresses who took part in this project.

Whoaaa..What a view..I'm loving those lush peaks, the hills in the background are quite nice too! Lou, Coco, Alisha, and Colleen.

Thank you everybody who took part, you all looked amazing! xox


Kyaya and Grim, Sid Style and Hoobs.

The Sun sets on the Love Juice project for Serenity. Awwwww.

See more after the Jump!!!

Erotique Hotel guests. Colleen Criss, Jinx Jiersen, Evalyn Osment, and Marla Carnell.

Colleen Criss has her back to a thick  bit of wood on the beach. With Jinx Jiersen.

Surf's up!!! And lots more besides. Marla looks patiently, while AmyKitten gets her fun.

Keeley gets all that pesky sand out of those awkward places for Alisha, so considerate. With Cheri and Talyha each side.

What a lucky camera person i am! Colleen Criss and Jinx Jiersen.

Hotel Maids, Arwen Juneberry and Emmanuelle Jameson. Sharing is good!

Hotel manager, EmeeLee Rage, with her steamy, hot Maids, Arwen and Krystall.

The Erotique team..we all need a spell on the beach for real now..after the Love Juice project! Yummy...Louise, Serenity, and Arwen.

My first ever "Money shot" as a Director. And it's Porn legend, and wonderful friend,  AmyKitten Parx doing it in style!

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