Monday, May 30, 2011

Kirstens Viewer now goes on 3D!

Hello S&T readers, Quinn here, announcing great news!

For the Kirstens Viewer estimators out there, KL released a new version (Build 8 RC1) of his viewer yesterday, with a big improvement... 3D!!! The rendering engine went under great improvements, and now rendering with shadows benefits with a 20% increase in speed and compatibility of antialiasing with both shadows and Global illumination, so even more things to play with (and stress your graphic card :) )
To use 3D, for now, you'll have to follow the following instructions :

  • Download your new version of Kirstens Viewer from (empty cache before installing new version)
  • Turn off shadows (Preferences-Graphics-General "Lighting and Shadows")
  • Under Preferences-Misc enable "Toggle Anagliph Render"
  • To play with anagliph, In windlight settings (World-Environment-Sky Settings) tune the "Density multiplier" parameter.
Have fun!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Quinn Ying's Summer Wine - Featured Here

It may not have the prestige of a Naughty Machinima Featured link just yet. But, i have added Quinn's recent movie "Summer Wine" to the side bar "Featured Movies" list.

These are all movies i feel excel in some way. Or they display something which sets them apart, suggested by others, or added myself.

If you enjoyed this taster of "Summer Wine" Check out my review over at Emanuelle Jameson's SL Blog.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Winners of the UWA III Machinima Contest

Blogged live from the UWA....

I am pleased to announce that joint First Place at this year's UWA machinima competition, is tutsy Navarathna and Eric Boccara.

Congrats to both Eric and tutsy, and extra special rabbit kisses and licks to tutsy!

A Journey into the Metaverse by  tutsy Navarathna

Juroney by Eric Boccara

More UWA III news to follow, after I have calmed down and given tutsy his massage!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Physics Of Body Physics! ( It Was Never This Much Fun In Class. )

A Physics Lesson From Serenity Juneberry.

I admit, i was a bit of a Physics geek at school..But i think everybody will admit to being a Body Physics geek in Second Life! The guys love it, the girls love it, it's sexy times! Nobody minds that developers let all the other pain in the ass bugs in SL go on the back burner while they made body physics!

Serenity From The Movie Below : "Fractal Phisics"

Advanced body Physics is now available for your avatar on the official SL Viewer 2, Phoenix, Kirsten's, and will be included in future Firestorm builds.

The new Physics gives you far more than simple up and down bouncing boobs. It add's swaying, and cleavage squashing! But wait..that's not all! Bouncing butt's, jiggling asses, tummy's, it's amazing.

Setting them at 100 is total over kill, but i would suggest you do it initially, just to get a demo of the full range of movements. I am still fine tuning mine. Adjustments can be tricky, purely because there are so many of them. However you can get off to a faster start by grabbing some freebie's on SL market Place, and then fine tune to suit you.


Arwen From The Movie Below "Fractal Phisics"

Another huge plus point, is unlike Emerald, and other viewers which followed. The new Physics movements are specific to you. With the Emerald style breast physics you set the numbers which showed how you, and everybody else looked in Second Life. In turn, somebody else only saw you according to their own settings too. With new Physics you are seen by everybody exactly how you have it set up. Nobody is the same, So, if you like to be in total control of how other's see you, this is a great feature.

Click below For More Useful set up info, and two Exclusive Blog video's Featuring Body Physics!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Kiss: A Love Story (Jiersen/Rain)

The Kiss: A Love Story

Soundtrack: Harry Nilsson
Screenplay: Jinx Jiersen
Filmmaker: Pixie Rain
Inspiration: Andrew Kramer
Sponsors: 'Old Lars House' and 'The Keyhole Club'
Featured Regions: Evermore, Rainbow Horizon, McFarren, Savage Isle

Rabbit Porn, Anyone?

Hi, Pixie Rain here.

Thanks to Serenity and EmeeLee for the invite to be a guest blogger here at Stripped & Teased.

I hope to contribute occasional articles and comments and will kick-off with a new film release - "The Kiss: A Love Story" - later today.

In the meantime, please munch on this.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pornstar Look #2

By Aurora Bentham

Aurora here coming to you with another sexy 'Pornstar' look I have put together. Something sassy and cool this time with a lot of sexyness. Stroll on over to my blog at Auroras Borealis for full style card on this look or after the page jump.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What The Pornstars were Wearing - At the Sultrina Release Party

By Aurora Bentham

Hello Aurora Bentham here again to give you another fashion lowdown of what was hot this weekend. HaileyMarie Redrose had her release party of Sultrina. Which I was so happy to be able to attend. Despite the sim crash partway. Sorry to those that I did not get. There was a lot of lag and it took a long time for some people to rez. But anyways, some pictures of what some of the stars were wearing. And yes again these are non edited pictures. And even more after the page jump.

The Lady Herself, HaileyMarie Redrose
Very beautiful in her silky flowey gown.

More after the jump below

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A New Direction For Stripped & Teased

No, LEGO Porn is not the new direction..That's known as a red herring.

Hiya all. Serenity here..

Expect a big dose of randomness at Stripped and Teased from now on. Rather than an editorial staff, and a person doing an assigned role which it was set up to be. ( Although i pretty much did all the posts for some time, it was intended to be run much like a magazine. )

I'm writing on Emanuelle Jameson's Second Life Blog, running our own blog too. Making movies, and co-running Club Erotique in SL. Plus i hope finding time to have fun in SL! So rather than let this blog decline. I decided to kind of throw the doors open, and let the community, ( and myself at times. ) contribute and give it new life and direction.

We will now be sending out invites to other Bloggers in the community. So the above caption. "The Second Life Porn Portal" is true in that it means this blog will now resemble a collection of peoples input, some duplicate posts from their own blog, some they may publish specifically for Stripped and Teased.

There are no rules, or rigid structure. The brief is the guest publishers may post anything with wide appeal in our community. Which could mean a new movie release, music video, photo shoot, tutorials, articles, or literally anything under the SL Adult Machinima or Photography banner.

I'm also in the process of adding "Featured" movies to our side bar. I hope to eventually have a directory of the best SL Porn movies on there. The ones there right now i feel means it's off to a good start.

I hope this open policy on the blog can make this a diverse and interesting blog to visit. Updated more frequently too. Also down the line i hope it can become a platform for some who are starting out, and can serve to get their own blog off the ground and get them the needed exposure. ( If i know this will be very good exposure. :P )

Friday, May 13, 2011

NX Productions

Dear Everyone

First of all, thank you to Serenity for making me a guest blogger (I think that is the term) on her
site. Very excited and to those I don't know, or who don't know me - Hi, nice to meet you :)

Just a quick word about NX Productions. We started a few months ago with the goal of providing
quality videos to Second Life Performers in ways of music videos.

Adult movies were never really much of a priority, but we recognize the interest in those and
will make some of those too. (one included below)

Dealing exclusively with Real Life backgrounds and/or videos, we aim to bring reality to your virtual
world through movies.

I am posting the currently completed videos below for your viewing pleasure and will
do my outmost to keep you all informed about future and ongoing projects.

You are of course welcome to snoop out that information yourself by visiting our own blog
at the following link :

Break out the popcorn and enjoy the movies :)

Thank you
Natalie Xenga, NXP

How To Be A Second Life "3D" Porn Model - Serenity Juneberry

3D TV and Cinema is a huge deal right now. It's the next big thing ( so why not see some big things in a whole new light!? :P ). I have seen 3D porn movies, and they blew me away! So, i thought it would be fun to experiment with it and show off my assets! You may have seen 2 posts on this blog, and i have just completed two more photoshoots, with 3D in mind.

It's not that hard to film in 3D in RL or to take photographs, and in SL the equipment is free of course in terms of your camera. Because the physics in SL, and angles, and perspective is the same as in RL the same principals can be used for 3D photography in the SL world.

All you need to take a 3D image in Second Life is a little practice on the camera control, static poses ( this is vital, i'll explain later. ) and finally photoshop.

Taking The Picture.

Step 1. Get on a NON ANIMATED pose ball, or animation script. Find your desired angle, and frame your picture in the traditional way.

Step 2. Take your snapshot, and save to your hard drive. Then, tap the right side arrow on your "Rotate camera Around" control. This will allow you to take an image with a slighly offset angle left to right. Take this snapshot and save in the same way.

Doing this creates the whole principal behind 3D photography. The first image represents your left eye, which you will make Red later. The second image represents your right eye, this one will be blue/cyan.

Trial and error, and practice will see you dial in the correct amount of camera movement between the pair of images.

In Photoshop

Step 3. Open the images in photoshop. Where you see the thumbnail and "background" down to the lower right in PS click and make it a layer. Once it's a layer, click on it again. This opens the "Layer Style" box.

In "Advanced Blending" you'll see check boxes for the RGB channels. Look at your snapshot numbers. the lowest we want to make red. So uncheck, both green and blue channels. You will see your image turn red. With the higher numbered snapshot, do the same, but uncheck the Red channel. Leaving Blue and Green. This will leave you with a cyan tinted image.

Now, just simply drag and drop one layer on to the other. I drag the red to the blue, but i doubt it matters. Line up the images, and view with your Red and Cyan 3D glasses.

If you have shifted your camera enough, you'll see depth in the image and a 3D effect. if you've over done it, you'll see the image is not so clear, it'll be blurry, and hard on the eyes. You'll have to fine tune this yourself while doing your photography to get a nice balance between clarity of image and 3D depth.

With your glasses on, you can now process the image to suit your tastes, also some processing can help the 3d effect, such as brightness, and contrast, or de saturating. All images are different, experiment and find the best looks. save your image, same as always, in whatever way you do things.

And you're done. :)

If you have a real desire to be in a 3D pic..I am more than happy to chat in world. Or via comments here.

Sere. xxx