Friday, April 19, 2013

Erotique Porn's : Vibrations In Time


***Spoiler Alerts - In Picture Form Below****

How It Got Made.

This movie was very much made in the Erotique way. A little film, and a small fun idea growing into a huge project! This was very much born out of the Sexiest Awards Involvement. Myself and Louise were head judges, helping organise that event really gave us little time to develop our own things. So in the gap between the re scheduled show we grabbed the opportunity to throw ourselves into this movie. It's written by myself and Louise Silverweb. With myself Directing, and myself, Louise, and Arwen Producing, set building, and designing.

The fact that it was made reasonably quickly, and is so complex, i think underlines just how much we loved making it. We all wanted to see it finished so much because it was just so much fun!

Once again we return to a Sci Fi genre, which is a awesome vehicle for wild imaginative story telling. The film once again uses a "Graphic Novel" approach to dialogue, which i believe really helps the story flow, and keeps your eyes in among the on screen action. This film has little grasp on reality though, so please don't start picking holes in it, you'll be there until Christmas, and i assure you the holes are there by design any way!

This is really a very traditional Erotique Movie, it's also our most evolved one. made by us all, our team. I think it's fun, sexy, which really reflects my loves, and friends involved.

What's It About?

Worm Holes! Allow us to travel by accident, from present day London, to Prehistoric times. What unfolds is really a parody of Jurassic Park, Old Sci Fi movies such as 1 Million years BC ( In fact Raquel Welch was a big inspiration for many of the casts outfits! ) and the British Sci Fi Show, Dr Who. I won't tell you what happens, you'll have to watch the film. However i will say i think this is our most "Movie Like" Movie, yet!

Arwen Juneberry and Luke Lancaster.

The Cast.

Myself and Arwen star. As well as that, we were very lucky to cast such great people, and friends. Everybody involved landed on set looking fantastic, and perfect for their roles. From Cave Men and Cave Girls, To Dr Who, and TV News Reporters. Everybody looked amazing! ( Amazeballz! )

Jinx Jiersen. As The Doctor.

We had the pleasure to shoot Sexiest Award winner, for best newcomer, our friend Katina Cazalet. Also fellow Nominee Suff Lockjaw, who is one of the brightest Pornstars around right now. Along with Envy Watts, who is a very well known, and very sexy Flickr Photographer, Model, and Pornstar, giving her her first major role on screen was a real plus for this movie too.

Myself and Arwen are seen in hot action with Louise and Coco Silverweb, Luke Lancaster ( who i starred with in The Widow. ) and Dr Who! Jinx Jiersen!

Serenity Juneberry.
Arwen Juneberry.
Louise Silverweb.
Coco Silverweb.
Katina Cazalet.
Envy Watts.
Jinx Jiersen.
Luke Lancaster.
Suff Lockjaw.
Miss Raven.

I hope you enjoy watching, as much as we enjoyed making it.



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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kat and Envy's : Cave Girl Lust

Cave Girl Lust : Erotique Porn : Directed By Serenity Juneberry.

Editing the Cave Girl sex scene in "Vibrations In Time". I had to leave a few clips out here and there due to running time. Which is something I hate doing.

So i decided to make a short sex montage of Katina Cazalet, and Envy Watts to include all my favorite clips. It was a lovely shoot, and i think it makes a very nice stand alone video. Much better than staying on the cutting room floor! The girls arrived looking amazing, and i hope you enjoy this second look at them on screen.

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