Thursday, June 16, 2011

Golgothica & The Art of Capture Roleplay

Golgothica is a glorious sim; beautifully constructed and textured, imaginative and surprising. It feels authentic to its central theme.

It is like a 256m x 256m x 4096m three-dimensional interactive sculpture.

Golgothica was recommended to me by Lar Jun, owner of my favourite hang-out 'Old Lar's House' .

"Go 'un take yah knickers off  thur, dearie," Lar said, "You'll like it."

A few days later, Tutsy Navarathna and I tp'd over.

You arrive in the lower decks of a galleon ship. Make your way to the upper deck.

Once on the upper deck, camera out to view one of the most magnificent sights I have had the pleasure of seeing in Second Life. It is like walking into a 19th Century oil painting...(click image to see enlarged view)

This snapshot really doesn't do justice to the view and I urge you to go see for yourself.

Go into the Captain's room to get an OOC tag.

Tutsy remained on deck filming while I teleported to explore ground level. To get to ground level, left-click the life boat hanging off the side of the galleon.

The first thing that strikes you on landing, after the sculpties have resolved, is the astonishingly high quality of the textures and texturing. Everything in Golgothica is just so well done; everything has a breathtaking level of depth and detail.

 I made my way to a gypsy encampment by way of a Stonehenge-like structure. It was only then I noticed that the region description said "Golgothica: BDSM Capture Roleplay"!

"Tutsy!," I screamed, "Did you know this was a BDSM Capture sim??? I might get kidnapped!!"

"Do not worry, Mademoiselle", he replied, "No kidnapper would want you. A kidnapper would even pay me to take you back. Are you wearing your 'Out of Control' (OCC) tag?"

Allow yourself plenty of time to explore....

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