Monday, May 30, 2011

Kirstens Viewer now goes on 3D!

Hello S&T readers, Quinn here, announcing great news!

For the Kirstens Viewer estimators out there, KL released a new version (Build 8 RC1) of his viewer yesterday, with a big improvement... 3D!!! The rendering engine went under great improvements, and now rendering with shadows benefits with a 20% increase in speed and compatibility of antialiasing with both shadows and Global illumination, so even more things to play with (and stress your graphic card :) )
To use 3D, for now, you'll have to follow the following instructions :

  • Download your new version of Kirstens Viewer from (empty cache before installing new version)
  • Turn off shadows (Preferences-Graphics-General "Lighting and Shadows")
  • Under Preferences-Misc enable "Toggle Anagliph Render"
  • To play with anagliph, In windlight settings (World-Environment-Sky Settings) tune the "Density multiplier" parameter.
Have fun!

The original post from right after the jump!

"Hello friends, where to begin... ok lets start with some release notes: Here!
Yep it's time for RC's of Build 8 of S21(expect windows first), it’s also the 1000th SVN commit YAY!
This version of S21 is another one of those big leaps builds, most significant is some really serious work with the render code. The main thrust has been towards a more uniform experience on much more hardware with better, working AA or more compatibility with a broader range of GPU's.
Again Mesh and Physics have seen yet more changes, and more prep for Mesh in the form of accounting capabilities. Build 8 may see a slight drop in frame rate due to the massive changes but this is to be expected as the code matures things tend to level out.
One really hilarious bug which had gone under the radar and explains why my crash stats were horrid was DOF, basically a logout with DOF enabled always produced a crash! But to the user it looked like a normal logout, just a tad quicker perhaps :) Build 8 features quite a considerable set of bug fixes.
Now to the fun bit! 3D this is always a work in progress but now operates to a very satisfactory standard, thank the film makers for the nudge. Also DO look carefully at the preferences for other little tweaks and features.
Windlight has the Extra Tab of course to allow for the changing of the cloud textures, 4 selections supplied.
Finally as always PLEASE remember...
If the standard client in basic mode = 1, and in advanced mode =5, Kirsten’s = 11!!
It's easy to install and run, but will severely punish those people without a deep understanding of the mechanics of SL, or a firm grasp on computer tech. KV exposes some very low level tweaks or settings which can cause severe pain if used unwisely.
Anyway DO enjoy the 3D! Glasses not provided: D
Best Wishes as always, KL"

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