Saturday, June 18, 2011

The MaMachinima International Festival 2011

Last night saw the first of two MaMachinima International Festival 2011 (MMIF) sessions.

This is an annual mixed media event being broadcast simultaneously from SL and from RL Amsterdam. The event was hosted by Chantel Harvey and Toxic Menges, amongst others.

The second session starts Saturday at 11am SLT at the LEA Theatre in Second Life. Say 'Hi' if you attend!

I attended the first of the 5 hour "Machinima Showcase" sessions with Tutsy Navarathna whose recent UWAIII winning 'A Journey into the Metaverse' topped the evening off beautifully.

The quality of many of the films was exceptional. I enjoyed re-watching Byrn Oh's 'Rusted Gears'  and Iono Allen's 'Fears'.

Films which I hadn't seen before but especially enjoyed include Pia Klaar's 'The Red Shoes'  and Osprey Therian's 'Forest of Scissors'.

Now, it has to be said, for the sake of honesty and balance, that not all of the films were of the same high quality as those linked in this blog.

And this fact was actually quite heartening and encouraging.

There are already a handful of SL adult film makers who's films would slot quite comfortably into the MMIF "machinina showcase" schedule, quality-wise. Moreover, imo, there are another handful of film makers coming through who quite clearly have a natural cinematic "eye" and "feel" but merely need to practice the mechanics of camera work and software.

In both cases there is a pool of talent such that I see no reason why MMIF 2012 should not include contributions from SL adult film makers.

In the meantime, if you have not already watched Phaylen Fairchild's 'Harbringer' (below), then, well, you simply should:


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