Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jinx's Sexy "Pron" Shoot


Jinx Jiersen captures Serenity and Arwen Juneberry's sex scene in Pron.

I featured some of Jinx Jiersen's amazing photography on my "Making Pron" post. Now i'm showing you the rest including some of my favourite photo's i have ever had taken in SL.

Jinx grabbed these shots as EmeeLee shot the movie. These were not static poses Jinx could set up perfectly which makes his work here even better in my view. Jinx manages to capture lots of sensuality, and erotisism in his pictures here, which we had to shoot a movie to get across...So i think that's a real tribute and just why i love these pics so much.

Thankyou Jinx for these, and all you did for the movie project. *hugs and kisses*

Serenity xx

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