Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making "Pron" - Part 2

With Production Photograph's By Jinx Jiersen.

I began this article over at mine and Arwen's Blog "CLICK HERE"

Now a few more details...

A little like Pandora's Box, Arwen and myself's last sizable movie project. "Pron" is set loosely in a familiar Sci Fi universe. This one is definitely not made by Disney though!

EmeeLee Rage came to me with the story and idea. I'm grateful she stuck to her guns and filmed her sections, because they have turned out so sexy! Myself and Arwen both enjoyed just being actresses on Emee's shoots, something we've only ever done together once before. With Emee filming the main sex scenes, it left me able to experiment, and shoot a special effects laden opening to the movie and set up the story. However, you know me, i did manage to sneak in a sexy little scene of myself! I could not let Emee have all the fun!

Louise Silverweb, my business partner at Erotique, and fellow Erotique Porn Productions team member made a superb movie set. I also constructed one, which gave us a private permanent "lot" to shoot in. Which was needed for the week long big scenes shot by Emee which saw the large cast of guest stars arrive and get filmed for some of the most exciting sequences i've seen cameo actors or extras ever take part in.

I'm proud to have taken part in this project. It will be released later this week, and i hope you enjoy the balance of story, sexual encounters, and hopefully some eye candy on all levels, actresses, actor's, and visual effects.

As a small little tease ( so unlike me! ) i am posting several of Jinx Jiersen's "production" photographs here accompanying the article. These were taken by Jinx as myself and Arwen were filmed for the "Pron" Movie. They are fantastic photographs, Jinx is an amazing talent and i can't believe how he made us look.

More to come through the week!

Serenity. xx

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