Saturday, March 17, 2012

MetaSex - Taking Adult Machinima to the Next Level

Last weekend, Tutsy Navarathna – winner of MachinimUWA3, MachinimaUWA4 and arguably SL’s leading machinima maker – quietly and without fanfare released his first foray into adult machinima.
Since then 'MetaSex' has been causing in-world waves as various communities hail it as “brilliant”, “a masterpiece” and “exceptional”.
Starring Pixie Rain, Angie Abraham, Nasty Puddlegum and Tutsy himself, the film is a Master Class in machinimaography, regardless of genre.

Watch the film below and also see Serenity Juneberry's review on 'The Pornstars' blog.
We have no doubt that many aspiring machinima makers will be influenced and inspired by this movie.
And rightly so.

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