Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sorry All.

I would like to pass on my apologies for adding to some problems faced by fellow producers. I do appreciate these frustrations. I have taken down all the "Box Office" posts in response to this.

Keeping an eye on these movies and their views preparing to do my thing on the chart each Saturday morning, has meant I have also noticed very big and irregular jumps in movie views in a matter of minutes, or seconds. Therefore i agree, and feel it's very unfair to promote a movie based on views over another. It was a fun thing, but it can be hard to make a name for yourself, and i can understand that this Box Office Chart could be making it even harder still.


  1. It's sad, it really is. You do this out of your own time. Crunch the numbers each week and people have to go an ruin it for some. I for one enjoyed it and there was no biased. You just tracked the movies being watched and reported who came out on top. Though, I have to say I'm not surprised.

  2. There really should be a way to limit views to "unique" hits only, so the Refresh spammers can't run their view count up artificially.

    Honestly... do these people need the attention that badly? Is their self-worth based on other people thinking they have a popular SL porn video?

    It was a good idea Serenity. I enjoyed it.

  3. Thanks both of you. :)

    I enjoyed the positives very much, i just felt it was not fair on those who maybe felt hard done by sitting back and seeing their project over taken artificially, and their non inclusion as a result, was kind of rubbing it in even more so.

  4. The concept was a good, fun idea but sadly was quickly gamed by some.

    But your idea was Good Work, as it always is.

    Half the battle, I sometimes think, is maintaining one's own integrity despite seeing some of the things going on around you.

    Making this decision is a sign of your integrity :)

  5. Hello Serenity, I am so sorry you had to do this by these circunstances. Being new in this area of machinima is always hard and I enjoyed your kind comments when my first one appeared in NM.

    I am agree with Hard than it would be good just 1 record of viewing would be registered in the count instead any click by everyone.

    In all cases, It was a nice idea, All I can say is thank you for taking your time to brought this to us. And hope a way to keep it up will appear to make it real and fair for everyone.


    Bert Jedburgh

  6. Thanks for everybodies comments, and input on this, and for the messages i also got in world on it. I hope i found a formula that can take it forward now, and balance it a bit.