Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rags To Riches (Portrait Of A Femboy Hooker) - Directed by CeCe Luminos

After taking a little break, everyone's favorite huge-cocked femboy is back with a vengeance, and producing some great movies in the process.  This time CeCe takes a shot at Pretty Woman, the classic hooker does well story.  Instead of Julia Roberts (who might have been the most unconvincing hooker of all time IMO) we get sexy CeCe out on the streets, hustling that hot lil ass.

The movie starts with a visit to her hairdresser, played by Quinn Ying in a wonderfully funny cameo.  She's in the middle of getting fucked rather unsuccesfully by Regy Constantine.  She sets CeCe up with a new hairdo as the sweet femboy tells about landing the yummy Key Lio, sucking  and fucking him right there in the street.

Key is no ordinary john however, he's the CEO of a major record company.  He offers her a shot at stardom in exchange for her tight little ass.  CeCe, looking to break free from the life of a street ho is only too happy to oblige.  They go through a myriad of positions, that delicious cock of hers dribbling precum throughout the thorough fucking she recieves from Key.

After getting her ass pounded and a faceful of cum, we flash back to the beauty shop to see CeCe's new hairdo.  Quinn is shocked when later she turns on her tv to see CeCe the rock star, living out her dream.  A cute, funny and sexy film with some great dialogue, it does have a couple minor flaws that both have to do with timing.  The script is great, but it flies by faster than you can read it (a criticism EmeeLee Ember's Up High also recieved), and I had to rewatch it to get all of the dialogue straight.  It's a shame, because she's written a great little movie here and the dialogue is worth reading.

The other issue I have with the movie is the length of time devoted to the shots.  I know from watching CeCe's movies she loves to pack as many different positions as she can into them, and that's never a bad thing, but she moves off to the next one before you've had time to appreciate the current one.  A few seconds longer on the shots would make a world of difference, and that combined with a few seconds more to read the dialogue might have added a couple minutes to the movie, but it would be a positive thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love CeCe's work and this film is another fine example of it.  Just be prepared to rewatch it so that you can get all the wonderful dialogue in.

Ivori Faith

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