Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Director Showcase - EmeeLee Ember

Emeelee & Ivori: Up High!

I'll get out the way from the start, that the director is a good friend, and so is the
co star, and i am mentioned on the credits. However, i think my comments will be
universally agreed on and i won't be beaten over the head with accusations of biased

Firstly, i am so happy this movie came out right now. Beyond the simple facts that it's
enjoyable, fun, and very sexy. It's also a lesson and a demonstration. A brand new
director after some time on the scene, admittedly in this case a top actress, can
observe, also take advice from friends and collegues in the community, mixing it all together with a
large amount of effort, and what seems to be a good amount of natural talent, and finally putting it
all together to make something special. Frankly not only matching but surpassing more
experienced producers. Especially those with a lesser appetite for putting in effort on
their projects.

it's quite clear Emee has soaked up every movie making experience while being an actress,
and listened to many people, and kept what she liked, and added it to her own slant on
things for this movie.

From the outset it has a fun, and sexy feel, with great costumes, and a great location.
Right away you know this attention to detail is a sign of good things to come. The non
sexual "acting" was well executed and captured via a thoughtful use of facial expression
huds, the movement around the confined movie set was very well choreographed, and filmed.
The editing is way above that of a novice, and shows true talent.

Swinging from fun dialogue, to outright laughs, we then move into the sex scenes.
Sometimes, even with the sexiest actresses a sex sequence can fall short of true
eroticism. This is definitely not the case here. The sleazy 70's style porn music
( which if you follow my movies, you'll know i'm a fan of! I maybe guilty of some influence here.. hehe ) helps set the tone though here for some very hot and erotic sex scenes. Wonderfully framed and captured and a real
turn on.

I don't have to tell anybody on the scene how Emee looks on screen, that side of her
career has already been a huge success, and when her time in world permitted she was at
the very top. She sizzles in this, and as before in Hard Rust's movie "Doing Hard Time"
Emee manages to straddle being a fun comedy character, along with being an extremely
sexy one. just stunning, and delicious in this movie! Curvy, and blonde, and in that
sexy red uniform, it had me from the start! A little..or should i say a lot, extra is
always a good thing too!

When i make a movie, i always try to come out the other end knowing the things i need to
address and apply to my next to make it even better. Emeelee has a pretty short list to
carry into her next project. My criticism's are minor. They involve the text on screen.
Which is a learning the software issue. The addition of drop shadow would have made the
text pop out and easier to read. And the opening crawl of text a tiny bit too fast to
take in.

None of this takes too much away from the movie too much at all. it's hugely enjoyable,

funny, and sexy! What more do you want from SL machinima Porn?

I'd like to say a warm welcome to Emeelee to the ranks of SL movie makers. She is a very
welcome addition indeed.

Serenity Kristan

Now..sit back and enjoy...Emee & Ivori's : Up High!

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