Thursday, May 17, 2012


Louise Silverweb, Arwen Juneberry, Serenity Juneberry - Erotique Porn. Bringing you Love Juice!

Love Juice was certainly a labour of love. Many people were filmed for the project. Most against blue screen, which meant a huge amount of post production. Originally the main story was to feature this huge cast quite prominently, people I'd wanted to work with for some time for various reasons, and friends too who have never been part of the Second Life Porn scene before, and we'd kill two birds with one stone.

Cheri Collazo, Hoobs, Colleen Criss, and Jinx Jiersen.
 However, when i began editing the film, i was very unhappy that these "guest spots" were getting reduced to cameo appearances due to keeping the story flowing and trying to keep the running time lower ( yes don't laugh, it was even longer on one cut! ). My solution was to begin work on a second movie a kind of directors cut of the Love Juice sex scenes. featuring the ensemble cast more strongly, and the stars of the first movie taking a back seat and stepping out the spotlight to give everybody else more screen time. You will see much more from the supporting cast, when i feature the companion movie "Love Juice Island".

Love Juice Cast : Starring ( In order Of Appearance. )

Serenity Juneberry, Kai Baby Barineaux, Luke Lancaster, EmeeLee Rage, Arwen Juneberry, Emmanuelle Jameson, Krystall Pearl

Alisha Cedarbridge, Sid Style, Luther Blackburn, and Kyaya.

What can i say about the cast!? It is stellar! A dream team! Long time stars like Krystall Pearl, Emmanuelle Jameson, and EmeeLee Rage, joined by newer high profile stars such as Kai baby, Hoobs, Sid Style, Grim, Alisha, Keeley, Talyha, Cheri, and Kyaya, Evalyn and. The last two Sexiest award winning actors too! Jinx Jiersen and Luke Lancaster. Plus special friends like Marla from our Twice Bitten movie, and Louise and Coco Silverweb too which was very special to me. Myself and Arwen ( Sexiest Actress 2011 )  too of

Love Juice Supporting Cast. Louise Silverweb, Coco Silverweb, AmyKitten Parx, Colleen Criss

, Jinx Jiersen x 2, Luther Blackburn, Hoob Diddy, Sid Style, Cheri Collazo, Keeley Snowfall, Alisha Cedarbridge, Talhya Sieyes, Kyaya ( Kay ), Evalyn Osment, Marla Carnell

Arwen Juneberry, and Emmanuelle Jameson Star as sexy seductive Hotel Maids.
This movie is in fact the very first which See's the whole of the Erotique Studio team on screen in action! With Louise's inclusion. Finally, i was honoured, to shoot and include one of my hero's too, AmyKitten Parx who as you know if you read my blogs i credit for inspiring me to get started as a porn director. When you shoot a movie with such a cast from Amy to a newcomer like kyaya you are spanning many years of Second Life porn and i really felt i wanted to do my best for everybody involved.

Pron Co Director EmeeLee Rage stars with Sexiest Awards Sexiest Actor Luke Lancaster.

I hope the movie ticks a lot of boxes. That it is fun, and sexy. It was also an experiment meaning it was a huge technical challenge. It also attempts to blend two styles, the chroma keyed back drops, the assembling of cast members who never met at all during filming into the same scenes via blue screen shoots, and the main sex scene which used shadows and other viewer effects caught "in camera".

Kai Baby and Arwen Juneberry in a unforgettable main sex scene.

Love Juice really is an impossible movie to shoot conventionally. Building on my 2010 movie "Erotique Paradise Isle" it placed Second Life actors and actresses into the real world via blue screen. It also built on that earlier movie by placing actors and actresses into scenes with others they never even met on set. In some cases the cast were never on line at the same time during the whole long production of the movie, so i really do have impossible scenes in this film.

Me..Serenity Juneberry, and Krystall Pearl, share the central sex scene with Emee, Luke, Kai, and Arwen.

The movie itself i think is probably the closest thing to a feature film we've done, it has a story like other movies we've done but it also has the large cast and lots going on. It has plenty of sex, although i consider it more and erotic feature rather than a porn movie.

Second Life Porn legend AmyKitten Parx!!!

Now an epic "Juicy" gallery of the movie!!!

Pouring on the Love Juice. Arwen and Krystall.

Excellent Maid Service! Krystall and Serenity

Louise has a look in on Kai, Arwen, and Serenity.

One of my favourite scenes. Showing all the starring cast. This scene was completely artificial, only Arwen and Emmanuelle were actually filmed together for this shot.

Super sexy EmeeLee Rage with Luke Lancaster underneath!

Aww Emma can't see that lovely view out the window, but at least she gives us one of her own!

Love Juice Maid, Arwen, with the hotels hottest guest, Kai Baby.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Louise and Coco Silverweb, with Marla Carnell centre.

This is a completely different movie from "Love Juice". However it does sit in context after watching that first film. It could be described as a "Directors Cut" of the Love Juice sex scenes, featuring the super sexy support cast we had on the project.

AmyKitten Parx, getting up close and personal!

All the support cast were filmed against Blue Screen. Which allowed me to place them on beaches, and in the hotel Sauna. I could even place people in shots and scenes together when they never met at all during the filming.

Sid Style, Coco riding Lou! With Hoobs waiting patiently..

I think Love Juice Island is a fun movie, and it does exactly what it set out to do. Which is throw some more spotlight on to the amazing friends, actors, and actresses who took part in this project.

Whoaaa..What a view..I'm loving those lush peaks, the hills in the background are quite nice too! Lou, Coco, Alisha, and Colleen.

Thank you everybody who took part, you all looked amazing! xox


Kyaya and Grim, Sid Style and Hoobs.

The Sun sets on the Love Juice project for Serenity. Awwwww.

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