Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Serving it up, Hot! - Hard Rust

He's Incorrigible...And he's a very dirty "Trucker" !!!

I have to start off this review by paying tribute to Hard and Candace who through association's had to sit out the recent Sexiest awards. I for one have been inspired by their movie style and sense of fun on film. I hope next year they can both enjoy the nominations they both deserve.

Our SL porn scene can now be classified into definite styles. I feel the Sexiest awards show cased this. Any debate about what's best is for the most part irrelevant with director's sitting in their own genre's, some out on their own, some have company in their particular bracket. We have truly great producers in our community. You can in fact though name many great names who do not compete with each other because of their very different styles.

Hard Rust for me is a stand out top director in his genre of SL porn.

If this is your first experience of a Hard Rust movie, then you need to do yourself a favour and check out the back catalogue. You've missed something special, and many big turn ons! When i first started out in the porn scene, Hard's movie "The Naughty Secretary" was doing the rounds and i loved it. Leaving me always looking forward to the next. Its mix of dirty humour, fun, and out and out hot themes and scenes really did it for me.

Serving it up, HOT! is very much in this tradition, which i hope never stops. Poor Candy ( Candace ) is a waitress in a sleazy diner, serving up much, much more than just hot meals! While dreaming of becoming a porn star in L.A. I could quote many memorable lines, as well as those grabbed in the screenshots here, but i really don't want to spoil your viewing. They had me giggling, and turned on all at the same time, which is something i think our times here in SL should reflect.

As always, Hard paints a fantastically sleazy scene, very well captured and directed, making great use of the diverse and amazing locations at Hard Alley.

I know many movies can be enhanced by narration, and voice, but i believe also we're in a world in SL where we are so used to having some hot times via emoting and the written word. Hard's movies emote to their audience to the extreme! The captions and well written lines are one of the stand out features of any Hard Rust movie, I also believe movies in this particular genre of SL porn resemble a fun, but sexy comic strip too. making the text even more fitting ( Also many of us want to grab a discrete viewing and cranking up the volume just gives us away! )

To sum up then, if you have a sense of humour? If you like a large case of the giggles with your horniness...And if you like your waitresses with a very hot ass!? Click and watch below!

Remember..."Classy Porn Stars don't do Anal"...That's a bumper sticker for sure!

Serenity Juneberry.


  1. WOW! Thank you so much for the blog! This was amazing! :-)

  2. Thank you Serenity and Arwen! Awesome post! You had me (ME!) blushing!

  3. Awwww...I can't believe i made Hard blush! Giggles.

    It's all deserved. I am very glad to see you both back on screen and making movies again. :)