Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seducing Santa - Rayven Baily

Make way for the High Def Princess! Is this where the term "eye candy" came from?

Not for the first time, we see here a girl getting off, alone, at home. I remember one doing it to Justin Beiber! And who could forget Deelite's Phone fun!?

If you are going to do this. you need great visuals, and a good concept woven in. ( if you plan to capture it on film that is, if just in general...go for it any time!!! )

As with Aurora's movie review the other day, i have picked up on the fact here that Rayven is using a whole new suite of software. Windows movie maker is a great entry tool ( yeah..i used the words.."entry"..and "tool" in a sentence...grow up! :P ) into the world of machinima, it lets you spread your wings and learn all you need to know. Top class editing is top class, no matter if it's done on budget or on top of line programs, like Sony vegas, or Adobe premiere. However it can if used right elevate your skills to the next level. In the hands of a creative director it can be a key to unlock some special future projects. Here Rayven is pretty much expressing herself, showing us what she can do and exploring new software...She's been very thoughtful and let us have a look too! The professional look of this movie is there for all to see as a result.

Seducing Santa delivers much of Rayven's trade mark humour, some funny sequences, which i loved. Another director who likes to link Sex and fun! These of course go together like..chocolate, cream, and strawberries!

This movie sets out to do all it intended. From the viewing public point of view, it's a sexy little show that teases, a dance routine with some fun, and plenty of jokes along the way.

Wearing my director's hat, it's a technology demonstration, and a chance to experiment for Rayven. She has no doubt discovered that with an upgrade in software you can use many features to aid your story telling, not just wowing with visuals, many effects here are subtle. These techniques can be over looked by the viewer, but all add to the final impression.

One example was in the movie, Erotique Paradise Isle, where none of the men met on set, they were all filmed one at a time, yet they appear together in the same scenes. Just like Hollywood, some of the effects and techniques pass you by without you even knowing you're seeing some special effect or scene enhancing technique's at work. Which is the case here, it flows and just paints a fun and in this case a very sexy hot picture along the way.

I have to reserve a final "Wow" for the presentation of this movie online. We've all been disappointed of late, especially those of us who have worked hard on projects and had to see them looking less than spectacular once uploaded, or of course looking ok with 80% of the movie missing off the end! This looks fantastic. If one thing can improve on a naked girl covered in chocolate, it's seeing it all in HD!

I think you'll agree, in screen shots, and the embedded movie below. This movie looks fantastic, and along with Ruff Broco's recent projects, is showing producers the way to showcase their work.

Serenity Juneberry.

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