Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do Me! - Aurora Bentham

From what i can gather Aurora gave some new editing software it's first run on this project. If anybody is lucky enough to be able to evolve their set up by ugrading their software it can add a huge amount to your finished movies. Aurora's fans are in for a real treat if this first display is anything to go by. It has delivered a real quality, and professional look

This movie ticks every box that needs to be ticked. Aurora looks cute and sexy, her co star "Static Ghost" looked hot ( People know i have a soft spot for that X4! ) . The shot selections gave maximum impact, and showed some nice creativity. If you get all this right you really have a sexy movie on your hands.

I'd say along with her super sexy comic book photo set, Aurora has started 2011 with a bang! ( Or at least two bangs seen here! )

If you enjoyed Aurora's "Do Me" Then check out her very sexy and nicely done "Dinner With Karma" A porn comic strip.  CLICK HERE

Serenity "Kristan" Juneberry.