Monday, November 22, 2010

Editor's Update.

Hi all, Serenity here..Editor of Stripped & Teased. To prove it. i stripped and teased in the above picture.

Some news about the blog which will be upcoming shortly.

Star Ratings For Movie Reviews.

Firstly, we'll be introducing a star rating for movie reviews. Ten stars in all being the maximum, we'll also be having an overall "Average Star Rating". This will show at a glance if a director has surpassed themselves, and taken huge strides forward on a project for example, at a glance.

A Community Blog.

Also, this is a community blog for the SL Porn Scene. We want to reflect that with showcasing talent, interviewing personalities, and bringing you news from the porn world in SL.

The Social ( Porn ) Network. 

I was fortunate to host one party, and attend another the weekend just gone. Surface appearances lately may lead people to believe otherwise, but by in large we are a like minded, fun group of people, and we know how to party!

If you've attended a pornstar related event or party, please submit pictures or snapshots of yourself, or friends, or cool things you've seen. Hopefully we can feature them in some kind of "Around The Porn Scene" feature. Please keep them relevant, and up to date, as they will make up a new feature "This Week On The Scene" segment.

We'd like this to be a kind of homage to all those celebrity magazines...We want the "OMG did you see what she was wearing!?" we want that kind of vibe.. ( ok..not that kind of vibe either! )

The social side of things, the friendships, the fun, the giggles, has always been 90% of what made Pornstars such a positive experience for me when i joined. I always thought 90% fun, 10% movie making was a fair assesment. It is still there. So please your porn scene snapshots, email Stripped and teased "" or send to Serenity Kristan in world.

If this does not get the old community spirit going..Plan B is drawing lots, and hand cuffing people together. :P

So to kick things off...


  1. Yay! I'm in the "D" in "And" in the banner graphic! (Nice graphic, btw)

  2. OMG..i missed these comments..haha

    Thankyou both. :)

    Yes i had fun with the graphic..although it was made back in the day when you never had to worry about who was next to who. :P

  3. also did the "Me" In "E"

    Stripped and Teased was brought to you today, by the letter "E" :P