Monday, March 14, 2011

My Lover Toy - How To Get A Hit Movie With Somebody Elses Work.

I have lost count of how many times Katia has deleted me trying to tell viewers and visitors at NM such as Ruff, and Pelon, and hundreds of others who are under the impression, due partly I'm sure to her broken English, that she never made the movie "My Lover Toy" . She claims she is not intending to take credit for it and has informed everybody via her comments. This message seems lost in translation,  and in addition she seems to be happy to sit back and accept the praise by guys like Ruff, and be happy for Emanuelle to blog her, clearly believing she had made this film. Without setting any of them straight. I do not believe any of her comments have made it clear she never produced this movie.

We use NM to upload our own movies, if you are not going to credit a creator on your movie, or clearly credit them in the description, i don't believe it's fair. Katia has clearly mislead people with this movie. She has removed all my attempts to pass on this information.

This animation has been doing the rounds since 2008 at least, I'd seen it many times over the years, it is widely distributed online, on porn video sites, and 3d animation porn sites.

Last week, i considered stopping the Box Office feature due to fixed views, and boosting by refresh, i really don't want to add uploads of other peoples movies, to the list. along with that, and alt accounts to rate movies higher too, it's getting impossible for a new producer especially to stand out.

To think this video may get more credit, more views, and Katia may recieve more attention and praise than somebody like Pixie Rain, with her magnificent "Showdown" just makes me concerned.

I am giving her the benefit of the doubt, and i'l lsay publicly i'm willing to believe she never set out to claim this as her own. However, she's done nothing to put the record straight, and refused my offers to post a notice stating her apparent true intentions.

So, here's a proper movie, by somebody worthy of high praise and congratulations.

Showdown - Pixie Rain