Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Night Of A 1000 Pornstars

I will glady accept snapshots from anybody wanting to further the coverage of this amazing community event. Just send them to me in world. "Serenity Jueneberry".

Big thanks have to go to Emanuelle for her work organising this huge event, it was both thoughtful, and hard work on her part and we along with the other venues did our very best to make it a success. It was great to party with Ema, and see her at Club Erotique during her visits, her TP's were on over drive as she went from party to party all night!

We raised a fraction under L$30,000 at Club Erotique, it was a great night, but always in the back of your mind was this terrible trajedy, which i was proud to see prompted such an amazing response from the SL Porn Community and Pornstars group.

Also very special thanks to DJ "Rajdreamer Innovia"  He generously stepped up to the plate and provided an excellent set for the party goers. Which i know contributed to the big total we were able to raise at the club.

I have captured some nice snapshot's of Ema and a whole host of pornstars, i hope you enjoy the pics.

Serenity Juneberry.

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  1. Thank you for supporting the event and making it so fun. CLUB EROTIQUE was not only fun but one of the superstars in raising donations!!! Thank you for everything you did Arwen and Serenity!!! You are amazing (and sexy)!!