Saturday, December 18, 2010

We were supposed to be doing laundry, but then this happened....

Directed By Rysan Fall.

Starring : Rysan Fall & Deelite Zenovka

Not much can open my eyes wide first thing in the morning ahead of my morning Expresso..But Wow! This did!

My paths have not crossed with Deelite as often as i'd like, or Rysan's at all. I know they are an amazingly hot couple, and two of SL's most amazing Machinima artists. I loved Deelite's last movie, and i love this!

Everything about this movie is spot on. We've had politics, and drama of late within the community. I think the lines got blurred a bit and focus was placed on "Story V's Sex Flick" That for me is not the battle at all. This is an unashamed Sex Flick, but it's not your typical over night wonder 5 minute job. The real issues are standards, and keeping the genre healthy. Story, or Sex Flick, If you excel then who cares!? We want both.

So, how do you make a sex flick that does not set the "here we go again!" alarm bells ringing? In this case the producer has real talent, and artistry, effort is clearly put into this project. Put simply if we all strive to be producing along these lines this genre will explode in popularity. Camera angles and shot selections mean you're transfixed here from start to finish. Rysan treats us to amazing views in every scene. It looks fantastic
( Helped by two of the sexiest Avatar's in SL! Deelite balances real beauty with true sexiness. ) . Wonderfully lit, and a simple but effective environment.

This production is Porn! That may sound obvious...But it's Porn by way of emulating RL Porn. Something not always evident in SL Machinima. The only limiting factors to the SL version is body detail and realism, so why not emulate the rest? You literally have no other limiting factors. Scenes, shot selections, angles, atmosphere, feeling, done right these things can turn us all on!

Do it all...Then you have a SL Porn Movie.

Serenity "Kristan" Juneberry

A Stripped Top Rated Movie.


  1. Wow! thank you so much for noticing us Sere~!
    what a great and intelligently written review!
    I am honored to be acknowledged by such a smart and observant fellow porn star! <3 its people like you that make all the hard work (of sucking his big cock) SO WORTH IT! jk as you can hear at about 53 seconds, I am super enjoying my "job"

  2. it was a real pleasure. TY. :)

    It was so worth it!

    i just thought that maybe in future, if you know i'm looking on and appreciating things such as you sucking a big cock like that. It might just give you that little extra to get you through it. :P