Sunday, October 31, 2010

Movie Review: La cagna ricca

I did a short review of La Cagna when it first came out, and was asked to expand on it for this blog. So here goes...

I'm used to high quality, artistry, eroticism, and just plain turn on's watching Emanuelle's movies, but this goes way beyond that. Combining an amazing look, with great technical skills in having an actors voice matching their Avatar's lip movements in the movie.

It has always been a tricky part of story telling on SL porn movies, not to have too much text, how long to keep it there, always being careful of not making it too much or too boring, but this blows all that away and adds so much to the sensual and extremely erotic tone of the movie.

Rarely does a SL porn movie really work so well on every single level. Congrats to Emanuelle, and also to Aprille for her input. They deserve every compliment, and every one of the thousands, and thousands of hits this movie will get.

I watched this movie with several hats on..I'm a quite average horny onlooker and SL machinima porn fan just like the vast majority who watched. I'm also a porn actress, and director, I'm somebody who appreciates the visuals on show here very much. Because i strive to perfect the technical aspects of my own movies. Lastly i also try to look as hot as Emanuelle!!! So, to cut a long story short..something for everyone! All these things should bring every viewer into realising this.

If you were one of the thousands who watched this movie in a horny haze, maybe on the first viewing, then please re watch it! Admire the other aspects too.

Of course, the pre and post production trickery and marvels are not the whole story here. Madame Aprille's story to be exact, was amazing. Tapping in to fantasies, and focusing on the likely forbidden pleasures of a poor little rich girl, and uniquely of course told not only in her own words, but in her own sexy voice too!

The actors were delicious! Captured by shot selections and angles which sends pulses racing. With Enzo and Emanuelle this means off the scale. I still see that chest of his ( that's the cleaned up version of what i see ) ..and that amazing figure of hers bent over that ferrari.

Breaking down in my car, on a rainy Tuesday night in England, never quite lived up to this, but that's what makes SL so great..and beyond mere SL we have the porn stars community taking it all up a notch further to the heights of the purest fantasy. This is the crown jewel and the pinnacle of all that so far.

Emanuelle and Madame Aprille i hope have set the standard we can all try and emulate, no matter where we sit on the learning curve. If we apply the principles and effort seen here we can have an industry to be really proud of.

On a final geeky note. I chose this movie as my first to transfer to a portable device Via FLV grabbing software and video encoders. If you have an I-Pod, MP4 player, Smart Phone, or hand held games device, this can be a great platform to view the movie on the go. Also a good way to show and turn on friends in RL! Who knows what that might lead to!?

Serenity Kristan.

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