Saturday, May 14, 2011

A New Direction For Stripped & Teased

No, LEGO Porn is not the new direction..That's known as a red herring.

Hiya all. Serenity here..

Expect a big dose of randomness at Stripped and Teased from now on. Rather than an editorial staff, and a person doing an assigned role which it was set up to be. ( Although i pretty much did all the posts for some time, it was intended to be run much like a magazine. )

I'm writing on Emanuelle Jameson's Second Life Blog, running our own blog too. Making movies, and co-running Club Erotique in SL. Plus i hope finding time to have fun in SL! So rather than let this blog decline. I decided to kind of throw the doors open, and let the community, ( and myself at times. ) contribute and give it new life and direction.

We will now be sending out invites to other Bloggers in the community. So the above caption. "The Second Life Porn Portal" is true in that it means this blog will now resemble a collection of peoples input, some duplicate posts from their own blog, some they may publish specifically for Stripped and Teased.

There are no rules, or rigid structure. The brief is the guest publishers may post anything with wide appeal in our community. Which could mean a new movie release, music video, photo shoot, tutorials, articles, or literally anything under the SL Adult Machinima or Photography banner.

I'm also in the process of adding "Featured" movies to our side bar. I hope to eventually have a directory of the best SL Porn movies on there. The ones there right now i feel means it's off to a good start.

I hope this open policy on the blog can make this a diverse and interesting blog to visit. Updated more frequently too. Also down the line i hope it can become a platform for some who are starting out, and can serve to get their own blog off the ground and get them the needed exposure. ( If i know this will be very good exposure. :P )

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