Sunday, May 15, 2011

What The Pornstars were Wearing - At the Sultrina Release Party

By Aurora Bentham

Hello Aurora Bentham here again to give you another fashion lowdown of what was hot this weekend. HaileyMarie Redrose had her release party of Sultrina. Which I was so happy to be able to attend. Despite the sim crash partway. Sorry to those that I did not get. There was a lot of lag and it took a long time for some people to rez. But anyways, some pictures of what some of the stars were wearing. And yes again these are non edited pictures. And even more after the page jump.

The Lady Herself, HaileyMarie Redrose
Very beautiful in her silky flowey gown.

More after the jump below
Joey Bluestar and her Hubby
Looking oh so elegant as the perfect pair

Natalia Xenga
She looks amazing no matter what, I was floored when I seen her looking like this

Scooby Mode and 4ever wise
Looking casual but cute as a good couple.

Hard Rust
Hes got the moves and the look. Looking so suave in black.

Ej Canned
Looking so handsome and dressed up. The best looking man there.

Dj Leefy
His outfit fit the event perfectly. And the music so amazing to go along with it.

Miss Cinnabar herself , Calliope Teardrop
So sexy and alluring, defently my style of clothing

Myself , Aurora Bentham
Dressed for two :) Showing off my baby bump


  1. It was very nice to see you there with baby bump, love :) The party was fun sim crash and all.

    My only regret is the amount of technical issues I've been having, which prevented me from releasing the film DURING the party. The issues haven't gone away unfortunately. I'm now going through the time-consuming work of re-rendering a 30 minute H.264 file in two parts, then re-rendering the entire thing AGAIN in order to solve a major crash issue.

    Total rendering times? 5 hours per run. Thank God the movie looks fantastically beautiful, even with a very small size!! I just hate to be still fighting with this on a Sunday night, and letting it spill over into Monday.