Friday, May 13, 2011

NX Productions

Dear Everyone

First of all, thank you to Serenity for making me a guest blogger (I think that is the term) on her
site. Very excited and to those I don't know, or who don't know me - Hi, nice to meet you :)

Just a quick word about NX Productions. We started a few months ago with the goal of providing
quality videos to Second Life Performers in ways of music videos.

Adult movies were never really much of a priority, but we recognize the interest in those and
will make some of those too. (one included below)

Dealing exclusively with Real Life backgrounds and/or videos, we aim to bring reality to your virtual
world through movies.

I am posting the currently completed videos below for your viewing pleasure and will
do my outmost to keep you all informed about future and ongoing projects.

You are of course welcome to snoop out that information yourself by visiting our own blog
at the following link :

Break out the popcorn and enjoy the movies :)

Thank you
Natalie Xenga, NXP

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  1. Hi Natalie! Glad you made it. :) LOL.

    yes, this is not like Natalie has joined any form of staff here, this is now a kind of portal for SL Bloggers within the PS community.

    I'll be inviting other Bloggers and it is their choice totally to simply duplicate posts from their own site they feel may have wide appeal or if they wish, tailor a post specifically to Stripped.

    So it could now be termed a best of the Blogs ...Blog. It's is a portal which will showcase posts and people. If this Blog grows it may allow people to post and reach a wider platform and aid them in getting more exposure for their work.