Friday, May 20, 2011

The Physics Of Body Physics! ( It Was Never This Much Fun In Class. )

A Physics Lesson From Serenity Juneberry.

I admit, i was a bit of a Physics geek at school..But i think everybody will admit to being a Body Physics geek in Second Life! The guys love it, the girls love it, it's sexy times! Nobody minds that developers let all the other pain in the ass bugs in SL go on the back burner while they made body physics!

Serenity From The Movie Below : "Fractal Phisics"

Advanced body Physics is now available for your avatar on the official SL Viewer 2, Phoenix, Kirsten's, and will be included in future Firestorm builds.

The new Physics gives you far more than simple up and down bouncing boobs. It add's swaying, and cleavage squashing! But wait..that's not all! Bouncing butt's, jiggling asses, tummy's, it's amazing.

Setting them at 100 is total over kill, but i would suggest you do it initially, just to get a demo of the full range of movements. I am still fine tuning mine. Adjustments can be tricky, purely because there are so many of them. However you can get off to a faster start by grabbing some freebie's on SL market Place, and then fine tune to suit you.


Arwen From The Movie Below "Fractal Phisics"

Another huge plus point, is unlike Emerald, and other viewers which followed. The new Physics movements are specific to you. With the Emerald style breast physics you set the numbers which showed how you, and everybody else looked in Second Life. In turn, somebody else only saw you according to their own settings too. With new Physics you are seen by everybody exactly how you have it set up. Nobody is the same, So, if you like to be in total control of how other's see you, this is a great feature.

Click below For More Useful set up info, and two Exclusive Blog video's Featuring Body Physics!

 Click Here For Useful Tutorial And Set Up Info.

Watch Below, two body Physics Exclusive to Blog ( Not seen at Naughty Machinima ) Video's.

Fractal Phisics ..A Way..Way Over The Top Demo!
Kirsten's Viewer - Physics & Shadow Test..A more natural Physics look.
Serenity. xx

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