Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making "Erotique Paradise Isle"

Pics : HaileyMarie Redrose & Seductress Melody ( At the time, their first appearances on a movie set. ) . Below : The cute but very naughty Arwen Juneberry...and part of PrinceJD Galicia!

Making The Movie

We've had a blast so far in the Pornstars scene at Erotique Porn productions, made a lot of friends, and come to admire a lot of people.

We've made 3 movies, and have one about to come out, another in it's final stages ( the movie i'm writing about infact ). The kind of things we do, the way we work, and having a Club Erotique to run mean we can't always get the volume of movies we want to do done, and we certainly cannot work with the amount of people we want to work with.

So, "Erotique Paradise isle" was aimed at solving just that, a project to bring in and feature some of our friends, established pornstars, and some big names, but it also features many first time actors too. I'm very proud of giving at least 3 people their first experience of movie making and in major roles too.

The plot is not complex, but it is not just a random collection of sex scenes there is a fun little story woven in. The story is one of pretty much naughty goings on and lust! among holidaying guests to a tropical island.
I hope it gives a feel good factor to everybody in the Northern Hemisphere finding themselves struggling to cope with the oncoming winter blues!

It does present a nice, cheerful, sunny window on to a very fun, and hot Island..somewhere between SL and RL.

The Project

Pic : U.S.A V's The Brit ...Emanuelle Jameson & Serenity Kristan!

Erotique paradise Isle will have many big names appearing in cameo roles, and in the three main scenes.

We plan to release extended cuts of these main scenes in stand alone form. The main feature will show these in a edited cut down form, in order to keep running time down to a reasonable amount. The stand alone cuts will do the actors more justice and let them have their very own starring role and place under the main spotlight.

The Look

Pic : On the set. Me & HaileyMarie Redrose She even looks lovely against a horrible bright green wall!

If you've seen any of those making of DVD extra's, green screen probably features highly on a film set in many special effects laden movies you've watched.

Green screen usually serves to place actors into a virtual special effects driven computer generated world. This time round it's different!

The actors featuring in Erotique paradise isle are already of course living in a virtual world, this time the green screen is taking them into the real world.

The cast interactions, and the sex scenes on this movie all take place against real world backdrops. Mostly video of real locations, and some static images too.

Green screen will also see actors appearing together in scenes they filmed maybe weeks apart independently of each other, but placed together in the final movie. Some actors may be surprised to find themselves in a crowd scene with people they never even met, let alone worked with, when all they did was stand against a horrible bright green wall in a skybox somewhere in SL.

The Trailer

Here is a preview trailer. A taste of what you can expect Erotique paradise Isle to look like. Click the big arrow. :)


The preview shows only a handful of actors so far filmed and appearing in the major scenes. Most of the roles, although only small cameo's have not yet been cast. We hope to invite friends to appear in a couple of introduction and filler scenes.

If you are interested in appearing in this movie, in a cameo role, please drop me a note, with your details and a up to date picture in world. My IM's are capped, so please send notes only.
I hope you had fun reading my notes..I have enjoyed making this movie so far. I had lots of fun making my first ever trailer.

...What do you mean my trailer seems familiar and is a rip off!!?? Ok..In my defense i really thought i was the only SL'er to remember the 80's! *Blushes*

See you soon.

Serenity. XXX