Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rayven's Photoshoot - Tease of the Month

She often announces her presence in The Pornstars group with 'Here comes the Princess!"  And while some laugh and others cower, there's no denying the impact Rayven Baily is having on the SL porn scene.  Stripped and Teased recognized this and is proud to make her our tease of the month in the inaugural edition.

Like many of us in the scene, Rayven's introduction to SL porn and inspiration came from a familiar face.  "It was Emanuelle Jameson's movies... I thought they were really well done when I saw them at the Keyhole club cinema.   Also thought it could help me in my escorting career but since I started doing it I have had less time to escort".    The world of strippers and escorts is something she took a poke at in Sinderella, which echoed some of the ups and downs (no pun intended) of the biz, and she pulls no punches when asked about it.  On what she likes and dislikes about it she replied "Money I like.... no suprise, huh?  Escort - I really like to hear after the client is leaving how great of a time they had and "they made the right choice".  I had one guy tip me once and I thanked the wrong person. I returned his money right away and he tipped me twice as much in return of that.  I try to give everyone ther best time they are paying for." But one of the big elements of being a stripper is something she takes issue with.  "Dancing - I think Emoting is overrated.  WAY overrrated.  Maybe im a lazy stripper, but I don't emote as much as the next. I crack jokes, tell bad pick up lines to you.  Just try to get you talking have a fun conversation. Before I started dancing I would go to strip club to strip club and play with all these girls and one thing I noticed is half the time they are not talking and might throw a emote out every once in a while. I try to have back and forth talk, quick witty responses... emoting bores me".

Like many in the industry, rather than going through the process of being cast by other directors, Rayven decided the best way to showcase herself was to produce her own films, and right away she showed the same flair for comedy mixed with sensuality that you don't often see in SL films.  "I can't speak for other people.... but what I think I do different is try to build a story not just jump into a sex scene, so you know a little about the main character and what and why it's happening" she said.  "I like to have a twist in my movies too.. sort of a surprise.  I'm not so much into watching a movie with two people jumping on a pose ball, it really don't interest me.  I basically make movies I like and would watch and if people enjoy them too then that's even better".  But her emphasis on plot development is not without challenges, she explains.  "It's becoming harder, Sinderella at one point was a 29 minute movie I have to cut down to 13-14 minutes.  I get ideas all the time... originally Sinderella was going to be a short 5-6 minutes film and the ideas grew and grew. I think what I planned for the small six minutes version would of been well, but I knew I would of been disapointed because I could of done more with it. So It eventually grew and grew... to what it was".

Her sense of humour doesn't just apply to her films, as anyone who has read her blog can attest, but her recent SL homage to the Saturday Night Live short 'Dick In A Box' may be one of the funniest things I've ever seen in SL (and not just because I was in it).  So I asked her why 'Dick in a box'?  "Why not?  I was a fan of the original... I thought it could be fun to do and people would enjoy it".

There is a cost to her success however, and that is finding it harder to find the time to get back and dance or escort.  When asked on whether she would return to the poles she answered "I have bills to pay so yes.. but problem with me is if I get a idea for a movie, then what's on my mind is coming up with a plot and then filming.  I'm not short on ideas, so there really is not "down time" for me to work as a dancer I guess".

I wanted to know a little about her as a person.  Is the RL Rayven Baily as much a princess as the SL version?  "I guess the sense of humor is the same, I'm pretty laid back in RL. I guess the big difference is I'm not going around announcing I'm a fucking princess" she said.  I just think it's funny and love the way people react to it. I also think my boobs in sl might be a little bigger".

We did the interview on a massive cruise ship, which apparently is the largest structure on SL, which is going to be the set of her next movie; "Well, as of right now the movie is going to be called "Gone Fishing" - It's going to be a story about a Mother and daughter who are a lower middle class family who win a cruise ship vacation and decided to take the opporunity to land a "rich guy" in a attempt to improve there lifestyle" she explained.  As far as casting, she continued "I do not have a lead male role, but Serenity Kristan I have playing the mother role" she said, "It was a role I asked her about weeks ago, and since she has dark hair like me, I thought she would be the ideal fit as my mother as I will play the daughter in the movie."

Talented, driven and as funny as she is sexy, Rayven Baily is not just a crusher of noobs and drainer of many a bank account.  She is the fucking Princess.