Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Interview with Madame Aprille Shepherd

She runs one of the most successful (and one of if not the largest) Brothels on the grid, and with her good friend Emanuelle Jameson, she helped rock the porn world recently with the release of 'Madame Aprille Stories: La Cagna Ricca'.  The first movie to use RL voice sync has been an amazing success, and with more stories planned down the road, Emee decided that interviewing Madame Aprille would be an excellent feature for our debut edition.  I have an extensive media background, and have met and interviewed numerous musicians from virtual unknowns to multi-platinum selling superstars.  Yet none were as challenging or fun an interview as this one.  Having me arrive naked for the interview might have had something to do with that.

Intimidating?  Absolutely.  My face was flushed and my girlcock throbbing as I asked her to let you readers know her background; "I will collared at age 14 and served in a  non sexual way, learning and watching from 3 fantastic RL Mistresses" she explained, "Our family in RL as a D/s History going back to the mid 1960s" she went on, "so at 18, I was invited to become a Dominatrix, and was recollared as such.  I took male and female clients, some men were as old as 50.  I quickly learned the art of control, and that I was meant to be a Dominant" she purred and let her eyes travel across my naked and vulnerable form "We all have a Submisive part within us, it's what degree".

Toy Slaves Brothel is no ordinary whorehouse, and she went on to explain how she started in SL and the process of building her empire.  As she talked I felt myself become quite relaxed, and Her voice took on an almost dream-like quality to it.  "The internet became very interesting (to me) and i searched for place that could host a service on line and found few" she said as she tapped the toe of her white leather boots on the floor.  "I did cam work for about 2 years" she continued, "and I hated it.  Then one day about 3 years ago, I found an article on Second Life, so I signed up and began as many do, in Gorean".  "I learned as a slave and as a Dominant,  but Gorean was not really for me", she said, then grinned wickedly "I wanted Hot water and Electricity".

Once in SL, she quickly began to build TSB, that is not just a business but a community in and of itself.  "I enslaved my own girls, and set up a small Brothel.  I did not invent Slavery, and I certainly did not invent Prostitution, and I can't lay claim to putting them together.  But that's what I did.  I created a family... a D/s family in a BDSM community" she stated, as she stared intently at me from her throne, causing me to turn shades of red I didn't know were possible, "With a Bothel as the source of income, a means to and end, if you will".  She let her tongue glide across her plump red lips and continued "It pays for the sims and advertising and RL web site etc., and I quickly realized that i had come upon a formula.  It's not for everyone", she explained, "But for was exactly what they were looking for: A place to give up control, and let someone else do the driving for a while.  And in return they receieve Domination, submission... learning the ways of D/s, and Family".  The surprising thing was when she told me of one of the sources of inspiration for her business model; "We have build some of our system on Disney as our Business Model: Excellent training,  Lots to do, Lots to learn, and Diversity.  We also borrowed from all the great religions and belief systems, mixed in Hypnosis and sub space, with a dash or Real Life control".  She explained it further with an analogy: "It is a massive Managment undertaking, (like) herding 200 Cats.  However, if you can collar them...if make it a bit easier" she smiled.  "They become playful sex kittens who only wish to obey".  I felt my cock twitch and precum began to leak down the shaft as she shifted her gaze there, and she licked her lips and purred "What we do here on the Family level, is about as Real as it gets in Second Life.  What we do for our Customers - in the Brothel -- is Role Play".

We went on to discuss her involvement in the SL porn industry, and some of you may not know that this was not her first dabbling in SL porn "In RL I am and was a trained photographer and i went to university for Film and Television.  I worked in LA for almost 2 years"  she said.  "Most of my work is as an Art Director; I focus on Location hunting for Film, TV, Photo and Special Events and a few I have done werein fact Porn Videos and Shoots".  She continued "I decided to try my hand at making a movie in SL  (  It was a mess, but i learned quickly and applied new techniques as i went along.  I am not one for using just whatever animations, I like to tell a story and use props and specific animations".

Having known Emanuelle for a couple years, the two of them developed the idea for the series of films that not only cement Ema's standing as the superstar of SL porn, but showcases TSB as well "At Toy Slaves Brothel, we have 10 Portals, each is themed and covers specific fetishes, so... each of the films i do with Emauelle are designed to be a home run for both of us, for all of us really" she said.  "They cover a theme (italian), they cover a fetish (rich Bitch meets poor mechanic), they have hots sex with great and new animations, use sound effects and beautiful locations.  They are narrated, by me, live, in lip sync to tell the story" she explained, "And what this does in the end is show off Toy Slaves Brothel and some possible RP scenerios.  It shows off the skills of Emanualle and myself as film makers and shows the community that we are leaders"  She raised an eyebrow as she caught a glimpse of the flow of precum dribbling down the shaft of my shecock "And is show the public (who have never seen what is possible in SL) what is possible, and how great it looks".  My pulse was racing at this point, but to be honest, I don't have much recollection of what happened next.  When I came to some semblence of consciousness, I heard her say goodbye, and I was left pasping for breath and covered in my own cum... (to be continued?)

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