Monday, November 22, 2010

The Loan Officer Directed by Aurora Bentham

It was a wonderful surprise to see one of SL's most talented directors make her return to SL after a month or so in purgatory, and she wasted no time in dishing up a hot and fun lil film for us.  Aurora and hubby Scooby Mode talk to bank officer Drew McDunnough about their debts, and Aurora is shocked to discover Scooby's secret gambling problem has them in serious financial straits.  Drew offers to fuck Aurora in exchange for erasing the debts, and before Scoob can even voice his objections, she's on her knees in front of Drew, paying off her husband's debts.  Sexy secretary Quinn Ying sits in as Aurora fucks the hell out of Drew in front of her husband, a sexy little exercise in cuckolding.   Aurora makes it all better in the end, sucking off Scooby til he adds his load to the basting she already recieved from Drew.  Short, sweet and hot as hell, Aurora didn't miss a beat in her time off.

 Ivori Faith

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