Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fifth Element- A Hot Lesbian Foursome - Directed by Quinn Ying.

Not everyone can take the simplicity of four
girls on a bed and keep it from getting a little
ho-hum.  Quinn Ying is one of the directors who
can, as this short but very hot film proves.
Quinn has such a keen eye for angles and lighting,
combined with great animations and 4 of SL's
hottest girls adds up to a short but sweet treat
for the viewer.  Her use of amazing music and
sound effects merely amplify the heat, though I
do wish a little more time could have been taken
some of the scenes.  This movie could easily have
been twice the length without becoming tedious,
and given us a better look at the incredibly sexy
performers.  The quadruple dong scene was
incredible to watch, though and I am sure it was
a blast to make this film with her.
One of the things I love about this film is the
dreamlike state it portrays with the lighting
effects she used, and her co-stars Faye Nymphea,
HaileyMarie Redrose and Kareen Jaggernov are all
flattered by it.  Well worth checking out in
spite of the length, and another fine example
from a director who constantly pushes the artistic

Ivori Faith

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  1. great critic Ivori, your doing this work in an excellent way, and will be a great help for new and old directors willing to improve their films!
    I appreciate so much your efforts, hold on!!!