Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sex Me - Directed By Bo$$ Daddy

This could be a real short review. OMG..Wow..Would pretty much sum up this music video.

A music video, set to R.Kelly's "Sex Me". Balanced with an amazingly hot porn short too.

I have been struggling to put into words just how good this video is, i think the biggest tribute is, while getting my screen grab selections. it struck me, so many scenes and frames were worthy of SL photography at it''s very best. Those aspects when combined with a running video make it extremely erotic, powerful, and artistic.

All this, and then some! Is the best way to describe the on screen couple here. Both are quite stunning, sexy, hot, and beautiful. You just want to watch it over again as it ends. With perfect lighting, mood and atmosphere to enhance these wonderful looks further.

Another thing of note regarding this producer of movies. Unlike some they do not have to tell us how great they are, the work speaks for itself. This firmly takes SL porn machinima into the realms of erotic art/photography.

Maybe I'd start watching MTV again if this became the norm for music video's..( That's if MTV still plays music video's? ..I'm getting on a bit here! )

Serenity "Kristan" Juneberry          

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