Sunday, March 13, 2011

Box Office - The Last 7 Days.

Hi all...

Yes, i pulled the plug on the "Box Office" project, i still share, and hold some of the views, and have sympathies, which led me to choose to take it down. No fingers were pointed exclusively at producers, this could be fans, friends, cast members, or anybody allied with the production. Anybody can  "massage the views" and cause upset. I do know many producers put so much into a project, and it's a huge insult to see it eclipsed by something else due to unfair means. I would like to level the playing field, and feature more movies here on merit, outside of the Box office feature. If my RL and SL  permits i will continue to review what i see as quality, or innovative movies here, by new and established producers.

However, I have had a big response from people this week telling me how much they enjoy the Box Office feature, and i have been urged to bring it back. Even people who agreed with my choice to pull the plug have told me how much they enjoyed it.

Serenity Tweaks

I have decided to bring it back in a tweaked format. Only the top 5 movies will be presented in a chart form. The rest of the movies featured in this segment will not be listed in any order, they will come under the title "Also Trending This Week" The order they appear on the blog will have nothing to do with their views. Today i won't feature these Trending movies due to RL commitments though.

The reason for only ever featuring a top 5, is. I feel more confident these movies would be the favourite movies of the week no matter what. Once we got down to number 8 or 9, or 10 on the old chart we were into some very close and controversial inclusions for example. Also, any particularly undeserving movie which does find itself in the top 5, may itself betray some form of cheating and serve to highlight the problem. I'm sure i would not be the only person to say.."hmmm hold on a minute!?" . The top 5 movies should be there for all to see as deserving of their rank.

So, now, if i feel a great movie was just edged out through whatever means,  i can include it. It's good i have no firm, or rigid top ten, i will pick these movies based on views and other qualities at my own discretion. Hopefully this helps. ( Ironically, i usually love firm and rigid. )

Thankyou to everybody who sent me messages regarding this, it was nice to here your positive thoughts about what goes on here. *hugs*

Serenity Juneberry.

The Last 7 days Top 5....

1. Sex Room - Ruff Broco

2. Booty Call 3D - Serenity Juneberry

3. Working Girl - Bert Jedburgh

4. Starry Licious - nn1nn1

5. So Fucking Good - Quinn Ying.

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