Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stranded - PrinceJD Galicia

Stranded : Starring : PrinceJD Galicia, Krystal Pearl.

Directed & Edited : PrinceJD Galicia

I was very lucky to receive a advance copy of this movie earlier this week. From the very first shot i loved it.

The warm sunset, and long shadows all serve to make it a beatiful romantic setting. It was a well constructed movie set, and all the elements combined, i felt really took you there. ( Krystal got taken there..again and again by the looks of it! )

I entered into the porn scene at around the same time as JD, me as a director/actress, him as a actor. I was also lucky enough to star in his directing debut. JD is a wonderful director to work with, patient and laid back, but still with an eye for detail and desire to make things as good as he can. JD is really evolving, and i feel anybody watching this film would say beyond doubt JD has really found his style, and well and truly found his feet as a director. Another plus for the audience here, is JD's use of a High Definition uploaded video. Due to the increased detail, and colour palette of HD video we are able to enjoy more subtle lighting effects and it gives JD lots more scope on the more artistic side, allowing him to use a wider range of lighting too, which may have been lost, or even make for hard viewing on a small embedded, or low quality screen window.

This production really saw great use of the viewer. When we talk about effects, it's not to showcase showing off for the sake of it, or undermining those who cannot do so. They come to the fore front and add the icing on the cake if they enhance the scene, or aid story telling. You can make a fantastic movie without these top of the line viewer effects, or post production effects. In Hollywood terms, a classic from the 1950's will still beat a very average CG effects laden movie from today. You can have style, and put effort in and create something special. It's just fortunate that Director's such as JD can manage both here in "Stranded".

We are treated to some lovely angles, scenes here. Some very artistic and creative, such as those shot through the lace drapes. Both avatars really suite each other, it's not often you can say a couple on a SL movie seem to have chemistry or look so right together, but Krystal and JD looked fantastic and looked wonderful together, making the whole picture very natural and beautiful.

Congrats JD..We all want more!

Watch this beautifully erotic movie below.

Serenity Juneberry.

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