Monday, March 28, 2011

Director Spotlight - Natalie Xenga's - Una Notte a Roma

I have to say first off, i think it's a shame, that somebody i well and truly regard as being among the top movie makers on the SL porn scene right now, seems to be keeping under every bodies radar. Hopefully, this post, along with the exposure on Emanuelle Jameson's Second Life Blog, can see her getting the credit she deserves. Natalie seems to me to be a huge talent, in photography, and is now transferring that great eye to movie making.

This is not a highly topical review, this movie has been out since early March. I had been waiting for it to make an appearance on Naughty Machinima before featuring it here, so to boost it's views and help it further.

I can't wait any longer though! 

Una Notte a Roma

Natalie Xenga's or NXP's movies are hard to criticise, the end product is highly polished, and make for exceptional viewing. However, even a casual viewer can see there is a lot more going on here than just aiming a SL viewer camera into a SL apartment. This is where the appreciation, and admiration should begin to unfold. Natalie does not just make a movie she craft's it, and i can bet she's spent many, many hours on a production before and after the filming takes place. Possibly the filming itself is the easiest, and quickest part of the whole process.

Going by my own experiences, I'm assuming, green screen, and layers are used to create a world within a world. As i said when Paradise Isle was shot, it's ironic, Hollywood uses green screen to put actors into a virtual world, and now it's being used to bring about the complete opposite. Virtual actors are being placed into the real world, via post production methods like Natalie's.

In this case, Jinx and Natalie as stars of this movie were placed in a totally real world and a very inviting hotel room in Rome.

Some SL porn movies are extravagant sex shows, in your face, hard core, and deliberate exhibitions. There is though another kind of erotic movie. This type places the viewer almost in the role of a fortunate voyeur. In "Una Notte a Roma" we almost feel we are invading the privacy of this loving couple. It's warm, cosy, romantic, and very intimate. This does not mean the sex is low key, it's as adventurous as any, and it unfolds in a very natural way.

For whatever reason's Natalie is going about her business with this, and other projects, such as her exceptional music video's. In a low key manner. I feel her views are too low compared to the movies released around it. I think she deserves far more, When you wish to create something special which requires innovation, planning, creativity, and longer production times. It can be hard up against others who are making possibly up to 20 movies for every one of yours. Things can gather pace for a prolific director, casting many people in numerous movies. So, in turn if you operate at the other end of the spectrum, without that kind of exposure, you can at times find it harder to make a name for yourself.

So, i wish her well, and congratulate her on her amazing efforts so far. I always look out for them, rate, and comment. I hope you join me and do the same. We need producer's like on our scene.

Watch it below...

Serenity Juneberry.


  1. Hey, great to see Natalie featured here.
    Natalie is a filmamker who puts care and attention into her work and, as a result, creates films which are sexy and a pleasure to watch rather than hard work or an obligation.

  2. I've worked with Natalie in SL for a long time now, and she is an utter joy. Because of the time,effort care and attention she puts in, she is one of the very few producers I'd consider working with anymore.

  3. I'm very, very proud of what Natalie has accomplished in the space of such a short time. Lord knows we've sat down and hammered out some tricky movie-making problems together, but I'm glad to see that she's reigned in the technical issues and crafted some really enjoyable and high-class films.