Thursday, December 9, 2010

SULTRINA - Teaser Trailer - Stripped 10 Star Rating.

The mere fact a trailer exists for a SL movie project says all their needs to be said regarding the fact it's going to have effort, planning, and hard work put into the production. Usually resulting in quality, and innovation. A real treat on the senses!

Evotica's first release, certainly evokes a feel of excitement and lives up to its billing as a "Teaser". The graphics and text are presented beautifully, in a grand tradition of teaser trailers, graphics and text have always been used to fill in the gaps in a production, and create a sense of drama. That is the Hollywood way, and not a short coming. from Evotica's SULTRINA to Star Wars you'll see the same method used.

The short, sharp visual clips are amazing, sexy sci fi! I think Evotica are heading for cult status with this concept. It is immersing the viewer and placing the production into a realm where all manner of exotic and visually stunning imagery can be created and seen. No doubt touching on many established fetishes, and tried and tested turn ons..but without real world traditions and limitations to hold it back.

The prospects for where SULTRINA can take us are mind blowing! So, yes..Please keep teasing us! We want more trailers!

Congrats to everybody involved.

I'm going to kick off Stripped and Teased star rating system with "10 Stars out of 10" for this one. It does everything it set out to do and much more.


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