Thursday, December 23, 2010

We Wish You a Merry XXXMas - Part 1

Hey Second Life pornstars,

I just wanted to introduce a very special Christmas gift to you all, a gift that has been in the works for the past couple of weeks. As many of you know, it has been a whirlwind of a year for us, especially in the last six months for Second Life porn. And this is the perfect time of year for all of us to come together and celebrate the holidays the best way we pornstars know how: in a sexy, fun, and naughty way! :-D *giggles*

With that said, many of your favorite actors, actresses, and directors were all gathered together in the past couple of weeks, dressed in their naughtiest holiday attire, to participate in a big Christmas photoshoot, primarily sponsored by The Pornstars group, The Spice Rack, Spice Magazine, Club Erotique and Evotica Adult Entertainment, plus the support of numerous porn and pornstar-related blogs in Second Life.

These set of holiday photos were the creation of the wonderfully talented (and equally sexy) Jeanne Sahara. She did such an amazing job capturing our little group in such deliciously disobedient acts of mirth and merriment :-) You can see more of Jeanne’s work on her Flickr page:

Everyone involved in this project worked very hard, and we’re all very proud of our efforts. We hope these photos can inspire a little bit of holiday spirit right into the new year.

So without further ado, here is Part 1 of “We Wish You a Merry XXXmas!” Enjoy!

From L to R: PrinceJD Galicia, Serenity Kristan, Arwen Juneberry, HaileyMarie RedRose,
 Faye Nymphea, Chip Myers.

A Vintage Christmas: Here’s a few of our pornstars all huddled together, warm and cozy.  They usually like to start the holidays off by spending time in a winter wonderland.  Though, you’d think they’d be feeling a bit nipply… ahem...nippy out in the cold, hehe.

From L to R: 4ever Wise, EJ Cannned, Krystall Pearl, Aurora Bentham, Scooby Mode, 
Emanuelle Jameson.

Christmas Eye Candy: Some of our most well-known pornstars and starlets often like to celebrate the holidays by nibbling on some delicious, sweet and tasty Christmas candy…and we’re not necessarily talking candy canes *giggles*.

From L to R: Ivori Faith, Candace Flossberg, Hard Rust, EmeeLee Ember, Jinx Jiersen, 
Cherry Burnesdean.

Ho, Ho, Hobo: Even on a cold winter’s night, the celebration does not need to be fancy for our pornstars, as they can accommodate in even the most ghetto-like conditions.  Guess what happens after the fire burns out….

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of "We Wish You a Merry XXXMas"!

EmeeLee Ember.


  1. Thanks to everyone who helped put these together. Jeanne did a great job and even put a flaming trash barrel in the pic to make me feel at home!

  2. How considerate Hard! I'm actually studying your pose..that old wooden crate never gave you splinters did it? Wouldn't want you out of action for those christmas parties. LOL

  3. I had to sit on that crate for over an hour. Luckily, my tushy is used to dirty rotten crates and is resistant to splinters.

    My cock, on the other hand...